Sunday, February 26, 2012

Random musings on a Sunday

Here it is February 26th and I sit patiently waiting for my first release, book release that is. Lol ;) April 17th is just around the corner, kind of. I've been working on a book trailers lately trying to learn all I can to survive in the world of romance writing, er, erotic romance writing. I like to call it "romance with a kick" borrowing from the Heinz 57 commercials. While some view this genre as nothing more than pornography, I see a love a story unfold along with scences sure to rev up the libido, make the heart go pitter patter and leave one so turned on they don't know which way to turn. Ha, I say that as I read another myself loving the excitement words can create. Sex? Yes, please and more of it because there is nothing wrong with the natural, primal desire between a man and a woman. I know there are many that second my opinion considering that romance is one of the top sellers among books published. For me personally, I like to explore the fundamentals of relationships, watch them grow into desire and uncontrollable need. There is nothing more invigorating than characters in my head "finally" giving into lust and desire for one another through my fingertips. The act of losing control...bodies meeting, lips seeking, hips thrusting, yeah, need I say more? That's the point where I look around trying to find my husband, lucky guy. Erotic romance for women is healthy, not to mention entertaining! If men only knew the power contained within books they'd keep their women well stocked up and revel in the after effects. Personally, having a good mental picture develop in my head helps. When my drive is waning I find inspiration helps. Enjoy this one.
I snagged this hot shot from this site: I'm not sure why cowboys are so appealing, maybe its the hat! giggles... Happy Sunday the 26th!