Friday, May 9, 2014

Renuion Blues is out today!

There was no way in hell Headon Morris was going to his high school reunion. Memories of why he had to leave home still haunted him, along with the image of one the guy his heart refused to let go of—Evan Marshall.
A lot had changed in ten years, except Headon’s feelings. Much was left unsaid, and for that matter, unfinished. Going back home for the reunion could help him put the past behind him once and for all. Would Evan even show? Could they pick up where they left off?
Headon had the blues, the reunion blues, and his decision to attend could change his life…forever.

Story excerpt:

Headon’s phone rang and he answered it while walking to the door of the banquet hall. “Cherry, I’m going to wring your neck when I get home.”
“He isn’t there. Is he?” she asked and sighed.
“No, and let me tell you, this sucks, and not in a good way.”
“Oh, honey. I’m so sorry. I just knew he’d be there,” she continued and Evan could tell the truth bothered her as much as it did him.
“I may pack my shit and get the fuck out of here.”
“Aren’t you going to stop by and see your folks?” she blasted out her question in a frantic tone.
“No, they know how to reach me if they want to.”
“Evan, maybe he’s running late,” Cherry argued.
“Get ready, girl. Your ass is mine when I get back.”
Cherry giggled. “Oh, sweetie, if only you were into women. I’d tear your ass up.”
Headon chuckled. “Promises, promises.”
He clicked his phone off and fished the keys to his truck from his pocket. Out of all the stupid shit he’d done, this topped them all. He muttered under his breath as he weaved through the parking lot. “Eighty dollars in gas. Where’s the closest damn bar?”
“Still talking to yourself?” a voice asked in the darkness.
Headon turned in the direction it came from. “Among other things.”
“Huh, is that the same truck you had in high school?” Evan asked as he came into view.
Headon sucked in a ragged breath. Evan looked better than ever. He was always so refined and cultured, dressed to impress in khakis and a nicely starched shirt. The years had been good to him, great even. Nice and lean, an award winning smile, and hair that made him look like a model. Evan wanted to hate him for the pain that was caused so many years ago. But he couldn’t find an ounce of anger, not even a bit at the moment. If anything, Evan made him realize the truth about himself.
“Yeah, with a new engine and shiny new paint job. I didn’t think you were coming,” Headon said, suddenly at a loss for words. Usually he’d have something wittier to say.
“My flight was delayed because of mechanical trouble.”
Headon nodded. The moment felt odd. What did one say at this point? It wasn’t like they could pick up where they left off.
“So, uh, I heard you say something about finding a bar. I didn’t come here to see those assholes,” Evan said and motioned toward the hotel where the reunion was being held.
“Why did you come?” Headon asked and immediately felt like an idiot.
“I needed to see you,” Evan replied in a no nonsense tone. “We left a lot unsaid.”
Or completed.

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

What I have learned from reading and writing romance

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
~Benjamin Franklin~

What I've learned:

Writing: My imagination is limitless and I'm surprised by what I can come up.

Reading: Reading takes me on new adventures not possible by any other means than my mind.

Writing: Sometimes I find my writing hard to swallow and use the backspace key a lot.

Reading: Not everything published is worth reading. 

Writing: In order to accomplish my goals I need to muster all the strength I can. I'm more superhuman at times than I realize.

Reading: Kick as women in books feed my mind. Amazing and talented authors are indeed superheros.

Writing: In order to write believable characters one must get inside their heads. Without emotion a story falls flat.

Reading: Whether we want to feel or not, books suck us in, and take us on emotional roller coasters. 

Writing: Not all heroes are perfect. Sometimes the perfect hero has flaws.

Reading: There is nothing wrong with fairy tales. We all deserve an escape from reality.

Writing: Adding a little bit of humor makes a story come alive. Laughter is the key to happiness.

Reading: Wild women passionate about life, caring not how the world sees them is priceless. 

Writing: Love is not perfect. Sometimes it is weird, opposite of fairy tales, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Reading: The most believable love stories contain imperfect heroes and heroines.