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Sci- Fi Sunday - A New World Order - Chapter 1

Welcome sci-fi and post apocalyptic lovers!

To tell you a little about me, I generally write westerns and gay romance. But...I really enjoy sci-fi and post-apocalyptic tales as well. What I enjoy most is the world building. I like making my own rules and using my imagination, both of which come in handy in these genres. I also include a lot of erotic scenes...just a warning. 

My first published work came out in 2012 and there is much more to come. 

If you're visiting and haven't heard about Sci-Fi Sunday and Virtual Fantasy Con, CLICK HERE! Oodles of authors, bloggers, and artists! 

I'm sharing chapter 1 of a New World Order. Enjoy!

New World Order Base - City of Triumph - Southwest Hemisphere - Year: 2568
It was pre-dawn and the sun was beginning to break over the mountains toward the east. One thousand feet above the world, Lieutenant Keira Alvarado was leading her squadron to the inner bay. Radiant orange rays shone, peeking through the enormous steel hatch doors as they began to open. Sleek black jets shimmered in the light, awaiting their pilots.
Warm morning air from a gentle breeze caressed Keira’s face. The sound of boots clunking against the flight deck echoed with perfect cadence, thrumming her soul with purpose and drive. Vibrations from her feet hitting the steel structure below moved up her legs to her knees, settling in her stomach as adrenaline spread out, gearing her up for the day to come.
“Squadron halt!” she commanded firmly, stopping the ranks immediately. Order was the only way to combat and control the masses. It began there at the New World Order base, Triumph City, in the Southwest Hemisphere (NWOSW). 
Keira pivoted on her feet, turning one hundred eighty degrees with perfect precision to face those under her command. Being a lieutenant above a talented fleet of fifty of the best pilots, weapon systems techs, and jet propulsion mechanics in the hemisphere made her heart swell with pride. She looked among their faces, stoic and battle ready, day or night. Fear didn’t have a place in her squadron.
“At ease!”
At her direction, the unit moved in unison and sidestepped with their right feet, hands immediately clasping together behind their backs. Keira turned and took her position in wait. Updates on a minor uprising occurring came in a newsfeed via her tactical glasses. She scanned the transparent video feed as it appeared before her eyes. Controlling the device with her eye movements, she sent the feed to her squadron.
Fires blazed yet again in the southern part of the NWOSW, an area that had still never fully recovered after the Apocalyptic War of 2540, more than thirty years previous. Crumbling buildings and shanty towns made up a vast part of the region. It was also the most difficult area to rein in the populous and establish law and order. Keira knew nothing would change until the Civil Ordinance Laws were fully enforced. Businesses could not thrive, agricultural developments to feed the population, and peace would never prosper in such a lawless state.
The Patriot Brotherhood, known simply as patriots, controlling the area fought against the NWO with every ounce of energy they could muster. They viewed the NWO as nothing more than a new government entity, working to control them. The brotherhood was nothing more to the NWO than a worthless band of traitors to the cause.
With the breakup of individual governments of countries worldwide after the Apocalyptic War and following the Civil Wars of 2550, the NWO was the only type of governing body charged with law and order. Something had to give if the world ever wanted to see peace and rebuilding efforts worldwide.
In the Southeast Hemisphere (NWOSE), the progress had surpassed the Southwest by more than ten years, more likely twenty. The most ravaged hemispheres were the Northwest and Northeast. What was once North America and Asia had suffered the greatest throughout the wars. Little was left of once mighty empires. The former continent of Australia had suffered the least, and was now the hub of the NWO. A grand city arose there, bigger than ever before, and became the capital of the world.
Outside of the capital, especially in the NWOSW, years of rebuilding would be required to function properly. No matter what type of goodwill efforts were made in NWOSW, the patriots had a strong hold in far-off desolate areas. In their ignorance, many died daily from lack of food and water. Where opportunities arose to supply the most devastated regions, the NWO was there, taking in medical staff, nourishing rations, and clean water to the masses. Small outlying villages cheered upon their arrival. Why couldn’t everyone see the NWO efforts were for the good of the people?
Keira asked herself that question daily. Witnessing the devastating effects of a region without order is what kept her committed to the cause. Seven years as a pilot, her dedicated service had earned her rank and also her lieutenant’s status the previous year. Rumors in the NWO pointed to her father, a general by rank, and the commanding officer for the NWOSW for her position, and it angered her. She knew she was not only a damn good pilot, but one of the best. The naysayers could pucker up and kiss her ass as far as she was concerned.
“Officer on deck!”
Heels clicked together, the noise echoed off the metal walls as the members of the unit came to order behind her. Keira straightened her posture and lifted her chin. Her left hand slapped the side of her leg. Her right hand snapped up sharply, fingertips rigid, hovering above her right eye. The thuds of footsteps coming their way grew louder from the west corridor. Fourteen feet, seven men. Why Keira could discern such information was anyone’s guess. She figured it was the soldier in her soul. Who in the hell was coming? The CO’s usual entourage included his top advisor, Gymon Evans; Tactical Security Specialist, Morgan Whitby; Triumph Secretary, Jonah Delecort; her brother, Axton Alvarado, charged with strategic planning; and her eldest brother, Thorn Alvarado, Triumph’s lieutenant CO.
As they approached Keira’s waiting unit she could see the usual suspects. Her father led with Thorn to his left and Gymon on his right. Behind them the rest followed with two extra men at the rear. More than likely visitors from the NWOSE, she figured, extra intelligence, who knew? She fought the urge to roll her eyes. There was always someone who came to visit who thought they knew the best way to handle the situation in the NWOSW.
“At ease!” Her father’s deep baritone voice carried loudly throughout the flight deck. He was a man that earned respect. His graying hair and aging face gave him a distinguished look. Even in his advanced age, men didn’t trifle with him. They knew better. At nearly six foot five inches, he covered every inch of ground he walked on, and more.
When on duty, Keira’s father was her CO and nothing more, their father-daughter relationship nonexistent, much like complete peace in their region. She respected him and served him well. She obeyed orders and took her responsibility to the NWO seriously. Off duty was another story completely. While her father was stern and direct with her, he was also a teddy bear when need be. Lately, those times had been rare.
Her father chewed his lip with irritation. “As you can see, the patriots have attacked again. The skirmish is relatively small, but we need to deal with it before their movements grow. Do not believe for a moment the patriots are unorganized. This significant event should serve as a warning of the intellect at work. The attacks came to an area we had cleared and began rebuilding efforts in. This is a show of power and resilience,” he said and chewed his lip with irritation. Her father was much like her, wanting nothing more than to see their once beautiful and peaceful region restored.
Keira’s eldest brother, Thorn, stepped forward and cleared his throat. He utilized the NWO’s tactical image generator with a wave of his hand. A large map of the Southwest Hemisphere materialized before them. Through the semi-transparent image, Keira fought to get a glimpse of the yet-to-be-introduced men.
“The group is small.” Thorn enlarged the area of the map and brought up a string of images of men firing at NWO vehicles. “This is Enzo Quinion.” Thorn further enlarged the man’s image while coverage of the skirmish continued in the background. “He leads the northwest band of patriots.” He paused and moved Enzo’s image aside, bringing up another image of a man. “His counterpart in the central region is this man, Phillipe Melendez, aka The Widow. Melendez was spotted by ground forces two days ago in the area. Rumors suggest they report to a higher authority, someone they only call Madman. At this time we have no idea of his true identity.”
Thorn’s tone wavered a bit. Most wouldn’t catch it, but Keira did. It was a tone of uneasiness, like something much bigger was afoot. Only four years older her elder, Thorn and Keira were very close, but their allegiance to the NWO harbored secrets. She knew it was for the benefit for all, but at times the secrecy bothered her. She could only trust and believe those higher in command did so for very good reasons.
Morgan Whitby walked up and took control of the visual, moving the map away, bringing up a list of known explosive chemicals used in weapons throughout history. Keira fought to keep her brows from furrowing together in question. Why the ancient munitions history lesson? “As you can see, this is a list of long-ago chemicals used in munitions.”
Morgan himself was near her age, around twenty-eight. When he first came to Triumph four years previously, they'd had quite an extensive fling. It was fun while it lasted, but he tried to claim her under their Genetically Modified Exception status or GME. Men with GME status were given the right to choose any woman over the age of eighteen without permission. Keira hated GMEs the most. After Morgan and Gymon filed to claim her, she put Morgan in the infirmary for three days over the stunt. His nose was still a little crooked to this day.
'Married unit' had become the technical term of a marriage couple or a ménage trio. The Apocalyptic Wars had claimed the lives of nearly two-thirds of the world’s population over a decade of ruthless fighting, followed by the Civil Wars of 2550 that lasted until 2575. At one time the male to female ratio had been estimated at two to one. In order to repopulate the world with such an imbalance, the NWO enacted the Marriage Decree, with several sub-clauses below it, as one of the Civil Ordinance Laws. Under the Marriage Decree, men were required to file for the right to claim a wife. The NWO kept records of progress, thus the requirement to file, and then proof of a marriage ceremony afterward. Men who filed as a pair and successfully chose and took a wife would earn a hundred thousand units. The purpose was to level the imbalance of men to women, and more importantly, repopulate Earth. The problem with the law was of course women were at the mercy of men without say so if they failed to choose on their own before their 25th birthday. Divorce became a word in history and was no longer used. When individuals were united together in a married unit, they were expected to spend their rest of their lives together. In only rare cases had a woman been freed of her husband or husbands, and only when domestic abuse and the like was involved. Men found guilty of such offences would be punished. Depending on the degree of abuse, some men met their makers in front of a firing squad.
Morgan was still talking, but Keira was passively listening to him, catching the highlights and important details only. She caught herself mid eye roll and stopped. Morgan had a way of making a five-minute briefing last twenty. If her father caught the stunt, she’d receive one hell of a lecture later. Through the hazy image she caught two sets of eyes staring at her. She glared back and noticed one grin. She ground her teeth together. No doubt the pricks noticed her lack of a unity collar, the identifying and permanent designation of a married woman. They weren’t from the NWOSW base. The men there knew better.
Morgan continued to drone on. “While crude and scarce resources are available, the patriots are stockpiling what they can. Their munitions are not at all advanced, but they still kill. We see no major threat, but we want to take all precautions. Continue to monitor and subdue this situation.” Morgan looked her direction and held her captive for a moment before looking back to the visual. “Keep your eyes open out there and report back with any suspicious activities.”
“Yes, sir,” Keira replied quickly and averted her gaze. Morgan was staring at her again and making her uneasy.
“Darroch, Iverson,” Thorn called and motioned for the two men behind him to come forward. “Meet your new pilots, Theron Darroch and Kellan Iverson.”
Both men saluted Keira, staring straight forward with blank and respectful stares.
“I’ll leave you with Lieutenant Alavarado,” Thorn said and pivoted on his heels to rejoin the CO.
“At ease,” Keira directed. “Personnel records?” she asked and looked toward Morgan. As the tactical security specialist, he was in control and charged with responsibility of not only personnel records, but also the transport and acquisition of all weapons coming in or leaving the base.
“On your comm, Lieutenant,” Morgan said and held her gaze longer than necessary.
“Fall in,” Keira barked and suppressed a snarl. The one named Darroch was grinning at her again. Morgan staring at her was enough. She didn’t need any new entanglements, and especially not with those under her command. Why the guy kept smiling was indeed a mystery.
“That is all.” The CO spoke up and the squad moved to attention and saluted him. He returned their salute and turned to leave with his men following.
“Lieutenant,” Keira called and Thorn stopped. She hurried to catch up with him and led him away from her unit.
Thorn looked at his comm and sighed.
“Don’t act like you’re late for a meeting. And what the hell is this?” Keira growled in a whisper.
Thorn raised an innocent brow. “What are you talking about?”
“You know what I’m talking about. The new pilots. I told you we didn’t need any more pilots. What the hell am I supposed to do with these two clowns?” she asked, fully aware of many sets of eyes watching her, and more than likely trying to listen in.
Thorn grinned as if proud of himself. “I suggest you put them to work.”
“This is a waste of resources. Don’t you think we could use more men on the ground? Maybe send more supplies to those who need them?”
“Keira, you do your job well. I suggest you worry about yours and not mine,” Thorn suggested and exhaled as if bored.
“You’re hiding something from me. What is it?” she asked and squeezed his arm when he started to walk away.
Thorn glanced toward the exit as their CO and his entourage left. His blue eyes shifted back to her and he looked down at her hand that was still clutching his arm. 
“Thorn, you know how pissed I get when you hide information from me,” she prodded and squeezed tighter, letting him know she meant what she said.
Thorn groaned softly and leaned close to her ear. “I can’t tell you right now, but watch your ass.”
With that said, Thorn turned and swiftly walked away, leaving Keira with her mouth gaped open wide. She was thankful her back was to her squad so they couldn’t witness the spectacle. Watch my ass? An immediate sense of anger lit in her gut. First the new pilots, and now the secrecy. When her tour ended, she and Thorn would be having a long talk.
After gathering her bearings, Keira turned and rejoined her unit. “Fallout. Iverson, Darroch. Approach.”
The ranks dispersed and the two new pilots came forward. Darroch beamed as if amused and fought to wipe away the expression when Keira glared in return.
“Yes, Lieutenant.” Iverson spoke in a professional tone and waited. His lips showed nothing more than a business attitude, a respectful one, unlike the other.
Handsome, the man was quiet and reserved, tall and opposing, a voice deep and sexy, and the manners of a gentle giant. His black uniform stretched across his wide chest and around his powerful legs. Short dark hair, baby blue eyes, and firm lips. Gorgeous, Keira thought, and inwardly groaned. She’d have a heck of a time maintaining her authority over him.
She sighed and looked at her comm for their files. “I take it you two are experienced pilots?” she asked and began scrolling through his records.
“Yes, Lieutenant,” Iverson replied. “Ten years’ service to the NWO in the Northwest Hemisphere.”
Keira scanned over Iverson’s records, impressed, but wouldn’t dare let him know she thought so. She continued on and stopped on a disciplinary charge. “You, uh, have a flair for daring exploits, I see,” she asked and lifted her gaze to look him in the eyes. She didn’t tolerate antics while in uniform and especially while under her command.
Darroch chuckled. Iverson elbowed him in the ribs and turned to frown at him. Darroch coughed and resumed his posture, slightly smiling, and looked away.
“Lieutenant, I can assure you such nonsense will never happen again,” Iverson stated. His eyes were directed at her, glimmering with warmth, his tone honest and sincere.
“It better not,” Keira replied and veered her attention away, fearful of getting lost in his intense gaze. She moved onto Darroch’s records.
Oh, hell.
“Impressive, yes?” Darroch asked and wiggled a brow. His green eyes lit up, flashing mischief through the depths. He was built much like Iverson with stylish hair that was a little wild, sexy even. The big difference was in their personalities. They were as opposite as night and day.
Keira snorted. “No, not at all. In fact,” she said and paused as she scanned down, “if I had my way, your smiling ass would be headed back to the Northwest Hemisphere.”
“Theron, shut up,” Iverson whispered.
“I don’t put up with childish behavior in my ranks. I suggest you keep out of trouble here, or I’ll have you put on permanent duty in the wastelands.” Even as she said it, she knew that feat might be an impossible one to follow through with.
Darroch grinned and wet his lips. “Has anyone ever told you that you’re sexy as hell when you’re angry?”
“Pardon us, Lieutenant.” Iverson spoke up and grabbed Darroch by the arm and led him away a few feet.
Keira could hear Iverson whispering in an aggravated tone. She watched with interest, noting the tall and strong stature of him. Darroch was a handsome man, but too mouthy for her tastes. He had an air of conceit that hovered around him, a smug smile, and roguish eyes. He was going to be a lot of trouble and she knew it. Oh, how Thorn would be getting a big piece of her mind.
“I swear by all that is mighty in this universe, I will kick your ass to the wastelands myself if you don’t shut the fuck up,” Kell said in a no-nonsense tone.
“Damn, the lieutenant is so fucking hot. I’d love to—”
“Don’t go there.” Kell growled and thumped Theron on the chest. “Seriously, this is the last stop for us. That bullshit stunt you pulled brought us here. I don’t know about you, but all I’ve ever wanted was to be a pilot. We’re damn lucky to have retained our ranks.”
Theron sobered and wiped the goofy grin off his face. “You’re right. I’ll be on my best behavior.”
“You ladies about done?” called the lieutenant’s beautiful yet stern voice. Theron was right, she was hot, but that was the least of Kell’s worries at this point. Keeping his position as an NWO pilot was.
Kell took the lead and returned to face her. “I apologize, Lieutenant. You will have no trouble with us.” He expressed truthfulness, as well as a hint of embarrassment.
“We depart at O six hundred. You and clown boy can take the spare Avenger,” she said, pointing to a jet out on the tarmac.
Theron started to protest, stopping her dead in her tracks. She turned with a raised brow. “Is there a problem, Darroch?”
Kell interrupted. “Nope.”
She nodded and studied him for a brief second before turning on her heels and swiftly walking away.
“Oh, honey. Did you see that?” Theron asked.
“All I can see is you making an ass out of yourself,” Kell replied and began to follow when Theron grabbed his arm and stopped him.
“You didn’t notice, did you?” Theron asked.
Kell sighed. Theron was like a kid brother. He swallowed hard and squeezed his eyes shut, hating the thought. His own younger brother, his only brother, had been killed during a routine exercise during training. That was ten years ago when Kell was just finishing his training. Theron was there for him and helped him through the toughest of times.
“She isn’t married,” Theron said with excitement in his tone. He jabbed Kell in the side. “She’s perfect.”
“Listen, hard dick, we can’t afford to screw this up.” As soon as Kell said it he knew he was intrigued, but needed to keep Theron on the straight and narrow for a while. Likely, Theron was too busy looking at her breasts to begin with. How Theron noticed the lack of a unity collar was anyone’s guess. Kell for one didn’t see it. Maybe it was wishful thinking on Theron’s part and nothing more. A woman such as Lieutenant Alavardo would surely have caught someone’s eye by now.
“I’ll tell ya what I’d like to screw,” Theron said and grinned like a kid on his first trip to space.
“Knock it off. We have a job to do.” Kell’s frustration grew and he jerked Theron to follow.
Not long after they took to the sky, Theron was jabbering in his ear. Kell tried to ignore him, instead taking in the landscape below. The Southwest Hemisphere was extremely different from the North where they were stationed. Instead of seeing a cityscape below with bustling traffic, his eyes were greeted with a desert landscape. Sparse towns dotted the earth below, shanty towns really. Devastation from the Apocalyptic and Civil Wars were still evident in many areas outside of Triumph.
The fringes of society clung here and there along the landscape. A small city center was located inland with small buildings, homes, and the evidence of humanity's drive to overcome shown in the progress of their efforts.
“That is Vida below.” The lieutenant’s voice echoed in his ear. “Once upon a time it was a grand city, of course, before the wars.”
Kell silently nodded to himself. It seemed fitting to name the town Life. No longer was the place a magnificent city. Evidence of its former size lay in crumpled heaps in the distance. The place was a work in progress, a mere fraction of the size of its apparent former glory.
“Vida is relatively peaceful. The NWO has made great efforts there. The people are loyal with a renewed outlook.” Her voice came again. Something about her tone made him see a softer side of her personality.
“Don’t you love listening to her voice? Damn, I’m hard just imagining her lips—”
“Theron, I swear, you’re the horniest asshole I’ve ever been around,” Kell interrupted before he could finish his sentence. He too had a weakness for perfectly shaped lips. The reminder that such beauty was flying a thousand feet ahead did nothing for the dull ache between his legs. 
“Ah, come on!” Theron blasted out. “You’ve been too fucking uptight lately.”
“Let’s see, Theron, I wonder why? Could it be that we lost our damn positions in the Northwest Hemisphere because of your bullshit? Now we’re fucking newbies in the Southwest Hemisphere and damn lucky to still have a job.”
“Drama, drama.” Theron groaned. “I don’t know what the big deal was. Geesh.”
“Big deal? Are you kidding me?” Kell asked and sort of wished they were on the ground so he could properly choke him.
“Hey, you should thank me. My stunt got us both laid,” Theron said with pride in his tone, somehow missing the bigger picture of life and reality.
Kell snorted and stared ahead with disbelief. “I hardly believe getting laid was worth our livelihoods.”
“Hey, I don’t know about you, but I’d like to have a wife. We waited and saved all these years for the perfect woman. Taking one as a pair will ensure we will want for nothing with that big award we’ll receive for doing so. Damn straight I’m looking, and I thought she was the one.”
“Why, because she had nice breasts and a killer ass? I don’t know about you, but I’d like to have a woman with a brain as well,” Kell said. Beauty only went so far. A perfect woman for them would need to be intelligent, witty, and she would most definitely require a great sense of humor to put up with Theron.

“Look no further, my friend. She’s piloting that Orion ahead of us.”

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Congrats, Chandra Crawford!!!!

Do you want wicked or naughty? Maybe a mix of both??

You have come to the right place!! I'm joined by an awesome group for this hop and WE want to show you our wicked and naughty sides!

So, Halloween is coming up, and when I think about this holiday, I think vampires. After vampires, I think of the other usual suspects, but vamps trump everything! How versatile are these creatures?? Hot and sexy, gnarly and scary, glittery and sweet? Vamps win hands down.

To honor this sexy creature of the night, I wanted to do something a little different for this hop. I like to be different and fun, maybe unusual, but altogether cooler than hell. I hope y'all like wine and sexy vampires, because I'm giving away a bottle of 2014 Vampire Merlot!

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Hop along!! There are 52 authors and bloggers on this hop!!! Lots of prizes and fun! Stop by and just have a damn good time!

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Second Chance Succubus - Siobhan Muir

Everyone deserves a second chance... 

As an ancient succubus, Lady Aislynn is cursed to survive off sexual energy for eternity. To live without killing, Aislynn runs the Underground, a pleasure club in Las Vegas where she safely feeds on the ample eroticism of her patrons. A murder inside her club threatens the haven she’s built, even as it brings unwanted attention—and possible salvation—in the form of two handsome brothers, both in search of the truth. 

Werewolves Chayse and Nik Wolffe haven’t seen each other in five years, and the last place they expect to cross paths is a strip club. The detective and PI find their cases intertwining around the enticing Aislynn and her club. Nik may believe in Aislynn’s innocence, but Chayse knows all too well the destructive power of a succubus. He’s determined to keep himself and Nik free of her spell. 

Nik’s missed sharing lovers with his brother, but Chayse seems dead-set against reconciling the past or building a future. Luckily fate, and the Goddess, may have plans for the two embattled werewolves and the succubus with love enough for them both.

Second Chance Succubus (Capitol of Second Chances #1)
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Ménage, BDSM, Mystery
Word Count: 80,980
ISBN: 9781310088209

Release Date: October 20 2015

Second Chance Succubus
Copyright © 2015 Siobhan Muir
All rights reserved.

   Excerpt: Aislynn sighed. “Speaking of which, tell me how you found Mr. Johnson again, and spare no details. I need to be prepared for when Detective Wolffe returns with his warrant.”

   Felicia sighed and sat down in one of the chairs across from Aislynn’s desk. “I found Mr. Johnson hanging in the Iron Maiden cage in the Gothic dungeon at about eleven-forty-five Thursday night. Mistress Dee lay against the north wall, out cold from a blow to her head. A large pool of blood, roughly four feet in diameter and half an inch deep, covered the floor beneath the cage.” Felicia scowled. “Such a waste.”

   Aislynn stifled a smile. Vampires tried not to squander their own energy source. “Go on.”

   “Mr. Johnson’s spirit had long fled and his body was badly damaged, specifically his left thigh. Because of the damage, he’d bled out from the wounds in his leg, caused by something unsharp like a ball point pen.” Felicia held up her hand with her index finger curled to her thumb to make a circle. “It had to be sharp enough to break the skin, but not sharp enough to cut cleanly. The murderer must have hit the artery. Mr. Johnson was dead in minutes.” She shook her head in disgust. “I checked Mistress Dee and she came around soon after, about eleven-fifty. She said she’d been hit from behind and hadn’t seen her assailant. I took her to rest in the after-care room and returned to the dungeon to clean up the mess.”

   “Did you touch the body?” Aislynn shuddered. Even as a succubus, dead shells gave her the creeps.

   “Not at first. It was easier to hose down the walls and floor before I worked on the cage.” Felicia’s hands tightened into fists on the arms of the chair. “When I did move the cage, I wore my leather gloves and laid the body on the steel work table before washing the cage. I carefully cleaned and dressed Mr. Johnson before transporting him to the alley outside the Hump & Bump strip club down on Highland.”

   “And that’s the last you saw of him?”

   “Yes, Lady Aislynn. I returned here to the club around one and checked on Mistress Dee. I contacted one of her regular subs to come for her and resumed my duties supervising the Underground that night.”

   Aislynn sipped her tea and tapped the desk. “What of the man who’d been with Mr. Johnson in Eve’s earlier?”

   “He left around ten o’clock and I didn’t see him again upstairs.”

“Check the security footage in Eve’s.” Aislynn’s anger surged and settled into a cold lump in her gut. Humans committing murder in her sanctuary and playground brought police and endangered her patrons. Not to mention the safety of the Elder Races who came to play in Vegas without fear of persecution from the humans. “I want to know how he came into Eve’s and got anywhere near the door to the Underground between the hours of ten and midnight. Either we’ll catch the bastard or we’ll hand him over to the cops.”

   “Really? We’ll let them take care of him?” Felicia raised her eyebrows in surprise.
Aislynn nodded. “The detective is a werewolf. He won’t betray the other Elder Races who come here.”

    “Let’s hope not.”

   “Right. Bring me the information as soon as you have it, Felicia. I don’t want the cops to get into the Underground if I can help it, even with the discretion of Detective Wolffe.” Aislynn grimaced. “But if anything shows up on digital capture, the police can have it and do their own hunting.”

   “And if they cannot find the murderer?”

   “Then we’ll have our own hunt.” But she suspected the werewolves always got their man.



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Nervous and somewhat hesitant, Meredith attempted to dress to impress. Something strange lingered in the air as an eerie blue moon filled the sky. Stars seemed closer, brighter. She felt sexy and uninhibited, her skin aware and sensitive to even her own touch. This was unlike her. She shouldn’t be pulling thigh-high stockings up and securing them to a garter belt, she thought, and continued. The sexy lingerie was black and hot pink, lacy, leaving little to the imagination. Tiny thong panties barely covered her. The bra allowed her nipples to poke through the front. She skimmed her fingertips over her taut buds and shivered.
Aiden, her boyfriend, had requested the lingerie, along with suggesting that she become more spontaneous and sexually tempting. Meredith adored Aiden, would do anything to please him, and dared to step out of her comfort zone in order to satisfy his hunger. As for Meredith, she shuddered when she looked in the mirror at herself. Dark blond hair fell around her shoulders, loose and wild. Her blue eyes shone with a hint of trepidation, but she was determined, willing to overcome the barriers between them and the self-conscious part of her that had kept her prisoner for far too long. The lean and thin body she had once possessed was now fuller, rounder, and damn sure curvier than ever before. Society’s norms and expectations of how a woman’s body should appear did nothing to help her inner turmoil.
Growing up rather sheltered, Meredith hadn't been savvy to the world around her when she set out on her own. Her first tryst had happened well into her college years, after she grew out of her gangly and geeky adolescence stage that had last years too long. The event was less than the romantic rendezvous she had dreamed of. In fact, it was so terrible she avoided sex for a year following. After she graduated six months previous, Meredith met Aiden and her once quiet libido got spurred into action. The sex had become hotter each time as together they explored the erogenous regions of her body. Aiden had taught her a lot, pleased her in ways she would have never believed enjoyable, while pushing her boundaries each time.
Tonight was about pleasing Aiden. She wanted so much to excite him the way he excited her. The need was so great she was already wet thinking about his lust-covered eyes when he saw what was hidden under her trench coat. Hot pink lipstick made her lips stand out. A gloss overcoat made them shine. Heavy black eyeliner, thick mascara, and deep royal blue eye shadow coated her eyes, thanks to a tutorial on seductive eye make-up from the internet. Staring back at her from the mirror was a seductress, not Meredith Banks, librarian and amateur star gazer.
She dabbed perfume behind her ears, along her pressure points, advice courtesy of Cosmo. As she sat down she picked up her black stiletto heels she'd purchased exclusively for this night. Meredith smiled, proud she was overcoming her fears, stepping out as a confident, sexy woman, and not the shy, geeky girl she’d always been. Aiden brought out her confidence and her desire to take the world by the tail and make it her bitch.
“Hello, hello.” Meredith smiled at her reflection as she stood up and wobbled on her five-inch heels. “Yeah, he’s going to love this.”
After one last approving glance, she picked up a long black trench coat and slipped into it, tying the belt securely around her waist. Now if she could make it to her car she would believe in miracles. Each step became a struggle as her ankles protested. This was a feat she wasn’t accustomed to. “I can do this,” she said to no one but herself as she opened her front door and stepped out into the warm night air.
Above, the moon cast down an unnatural glow, obscuring the true colors of the darkened world around her. Dogs howled and barked, somehow feeling the wild electrical energy pulsing around them. The sensation did nothing more than excite her and push her forward, her resolve growing as her anticipation built.
Once inside her car, Meredith set out for a night she hoped would be phenomenal. A night she’d remember well into her old age. It wasn’t that she hadn’t experienced fantastic sex, because with Aiden, it was always wonderful. The difference this time would be that she initiated the act. She hoped to prove to him that she could be all he’d ever need.
While she drove, it occurred to her that she had fallen too quickly for Aiden. Only three months into their relationship and she already hoped for a future with him. Was the reason because he had opened a new world to her? Maybe it was the fact she felt more confident now than ever before. There really was no sense in rationalizing, she decided, and continued her journey from the suburbs into the city.
Thirty minutes later, Meredith parked in the well-manicured lot of The Augustus, one of a few high priced suburban condominiums in the heart of the city. Sirens wailed blocks away as she stepped out and felt her nervousness rise. Aiden didn’t know she was coming. She was out to prove she could be spontaneous.
“Welcome, Ms. Banks,” the doorman greeted her as she entered.
“Thank you,” she replied and noticed him smile as if he knew her devious plan.
The elevator button lit up when she depressed it and the door opened, allowing her in. Her legs trembled as she pushed the button for the fifth floor, knowing she was almost to the point of no return. Once she knocked on his door she’d be committed to follow through.
Long deep breaths did little to calm the racing of her pulse or her erratic trembling. She had to remind herself that Aiden was worth the effort. He was a leap of faith, and this night was a foundation for the future she hoped they would share.  
Whether it was the fear or her growing excitement Meredith couldn’t be sure, but one of the two had her body so keyed up she could feel wetness begin to creep down her thighs. Then again, it was more than likely the anal plug shifting as she walked, putting pressure in all the right places. Being taken anally was something she’d never experienced, but Aiden had urged her to try sometime, suggesting she buy the little device, promising it would make their sex more pleasurable if her body was ready. It was definitely doing something, she thought, closed her eyes, and regrouped her thoughts. The rough fabric of the trench coat wasn’t helping either. It brushed over her bare nipples and kept them hard while sending wild sensations coursing through her.
The ding of the elevator made her gasp and straighten her posture. She could do this, would do this. Awareness and desire had already snared her. She was close as it was. The plug, along with her nipples being caressed by the fabric, had her on the edge. Then she was there, standing at apartment 503. Behind the door was the man she knew she’d do anything for. Now all she needed to do was knock.
With a trembling hand Meredith rapped on the door twice and waited. Nothing. She looked at her watch, noting it was only around nine, and not at all Aiden’s preferred bedtime. She knocked again. It was Wednesday and he wasn’t one to be out during the week since he had to get up early in the morning for work. Irritated now, she knocked harder. A lot of time and effort had gone into to being the woman he craved. If he was asleep, she needed him to wake up. Before she could knock again, the apartment door flew open, and a petite blonde stood in a white tank and skimpy pink panties.
“Who are you?” the blonde asked and crumpled up her brows. She took Meredith in, starting from her made-up face down to her stiletto heels.
Meredith inhaled a deep breath, anger overtaking the lust that once had control over her body. “I suppose I could ask you the same.”
“Aiden, honey!” the blonde called with a glare so hateful in many states it would be considered a death threat.
Gritting her teeth, Meredith tried to hold onto what dignity she had left. She had been a fool, and all she needed to see now was if Aiden was inside the apartment with the little cupcake that held the door.
“What is it, baby?” Aiden’s smooth voice echoed throughout his apartment.
“You have a visitor,” the blonde stated in a hateful tone and opened the door wide open for him to see.
“Meredith!” Aiden stopped immediately, his eyes shifting between her and the cupcake blonde holding the door.
“Douche bag,” Meredith said in a pitch respectful to the neighbors. One part of her wanted to claw the blond bimbo’s eyes out, and the other wanted to start with Aiden.
“What the fuck, Aiden? You said you broke it off with her? You promised! You swore that our marriage was worth the fight. You said you’d never cheat again!” the woman shouted in a loud voice.
Marriage? Oh, my freaking god! Meredith immediately turned as tears burned her eyes. She stumbled as she tried to run and fell, scuffing her knees on the rough carpet. “Ouch!” she squeaked and held her ankle. Tears dripped of her chin while she jerked off the heels and threw them down the long hallway.
Her feet ached as she rose and stood flatfooted. The woman’s words echoed in her ears as if from a movie about a love story gone wrong. Her heart went out to the woman. If she had any idea Aiden was married she would have never become involved with him. How did she miss the signs? Was she even looking? Had they been separated all this time? She didn’t look or even suspect. Damn, not only did she look like a prostitute, she was now an adulteress. Oh god, I’m an adulteress! And for what? For a man that didn’t even respect his own wife?
Meredith stumbled with sobs erupting, her pain and disgust nearly bringing her to her knees. Aiden and his wife were shouting in the background. She smacked the button for the elevator and leaned against the wall for support. “Why?” she whispered. “Why me?”
The elevator opened and Meredith stumbled inside. She closed her eyes as tears continued to weep from her eyes. Her chest ached and she felt the burn of acid brewing in her stomach. To her, it felt like an unknown force gripped her heart and squeezed, intent on rendering her breathless. She struggled to take in air, and the harder she tried, the worse it became. Panic from the pain seized her, took away her control, and the simple task of breathing.
“Oh, hell. No, please.” She gasped as she exited the elevator and felt the world move from under her feet. Get it together, Meredith! She shouted inside her head and tried to focus her vision. She needed out of there, outside in the wide open.
I’m not weak. I’m not weak. Focus.
Once outside, Meredith inhaled as much air as she could and slowly exhaled. The hum of traffic and the background noise of the city soothed her enough that she regained some of her wits and made it to her car. Rough asphalt reminded her of her shoeless demise. She fell into a daze as she opened the door and slid inside. Sitting there for a moment, she stared straight ahead and made no attempt to move. A dull ache radiated from the top of her head and traveled down to her toes. Simple tasks had become a challenge, even thinking. Confusion held her mind hostage as she glanced around, all of a sudden trying to figure out where she was, and why she was there. She looked down into her lap at her set of keys. Had she been going somewhere? Yeah, her mind fired off the signal, making her pick up the keys, and insert the correct one into the ignition.
The engine roared to life and Meredith shifted into gear, backing slowly. She struggled to understand where she had been headed and why she was going. Swaying in her seat as if drunk when she pushed down on the brake, Meredith shifted into drive and exited the parking lot. Traffic tangled into a sea of brake lights and flashing turning signals. She looked around, trying to decide which way to go, her mind in such a daze she felt odd and disoriented.
Two hours later…
Meredith drove in a state of utter confusion, finding herself miles away from where she had started, and in an area she didn’t recognize. While pulling over she looked at the clock on her radio. It was eleven thirty. With her car in park, she turned on the dome light and looked into her mirror, noticing the evidence of her tear-stained face. Her mascara had dried in long trails down her cheeks. Seeing the trench coat and the fact she had no shoes, she pulled the belt open and looked at what lay underneath. Thigh high stockings, a black and pink garter belt with matching panties. She gasped and quickly covered herself up.
“Oh, god.” Realization struck her hard. The night happened and it wasn’t a dream. The images of events rushed forward as well as the feeling of being suffocated. The blonde, Aiden, married were words that trickled into her mind and set off another round of tears. She sniffled and pulled a packet of tissues from her purse. “I’m such a naïve moron.”
The truth hurt and she couldn’t decide who she hated more, herself or Aiden. In her quest to find love she had found confidence and drive. She had also found that inside, locked away, was a sexual being that craved to be touched, loved, and pushed to new heights of pleasure. And here she was, sitting in her car, alongside a road without even a hint of civilization in sight. Her fickle heart had led her down a path of pain and heartache, dumping her out in who knew where, looking much like a street walker on drugs.
“Eleven thirty?” she whispered and distinctly remembered now that she arrived at Aiden’s at nine. “Oh, shit. How long have I been driving?”
Fear gripped her stomach tight, twisting and pulling when she noted her car was near empty. Panic took over again as she dug through her purse, tossing the contents out while searching for her phone. She needed help and hoped her best friend would still be awake. Her hands shook as she pushed the side button and the screen illuminated.
No Service.
“Oh, no, please no.” She held the phone up, hoping to catch a signal. All the bars at the tops were dim. “Shit!”
Pounding the steering wheel, she let her anger over everything out. For being made a fool of, for being an idiot who experienced panic attacks that left her unable to function, for sitting in her car evidently hours from where she started. Rage flowed as she allowed it to pulse through her. “Such. A. Fucking. Idiot!” she screamed as loud as she could before breaking down and falling against her steering wheel in a fit of sobs.
The radio continued to play softly in the background; the headlights still illuminated the road ahead. Meredith stared at the dash lights, in particular her fuel gauge. This was a nightmare, a nightmare of her own creation, and she knew it. Admitting the fact was depressing, but true. She sat up and took a deep breath. While crying wouldn’t get her home, it was nearly impossible for her to stop. She needed to find a house and ask to use a phone.
Shifting into gear, Meredith pulled back onto the narrow two-lane roadway. Large trees surrounded her, blocking the moonlight, and only allowed small slivers to peek through the canopy. It was creepy and foreboding the longer she drove. Mile after mile she searched for signs of civilization to no avail. Nothing, there was nothing. The alarm for her fuel situation began to ding and tears rolled down her cheeks. She was stuck out here, her location unknown.
The warning light in her dash flashed as the alarm continued to remind her of her predicament. She twisted the knob on the radio, trying to drown out the obnoxious noise. Different music began to play, opposite of the today’s hits station she had been listening to. Country music with a slow, depressing beat, and a lonesome voice singing. Before she could change the station it skipped again. Big band horns shrieked out a classic.
“What the hell?” Meredith pushed the seek button once and the radio began scrolling through stations, stopping for a second, and whizzing to another. “Shit, I can’t even get a decent radio station out here,” she complained and shut the radio off, leaving her with the intolerable melody of her fuel alarm.
The windshield wipers began swishing back and forth, screeching over the dry glass. Meredith struggled to turn them off when the radio came back on. Static and barely audible music made her ears hurt. “Damn it!” She pushed the power button on the radio again when the flashers on her car began lighting up. The horn joined in, honking in tune with the wipers dragging over the windshield, the radio coming back on, flashers blinking, and headlights turning on and off. Meredith stomped on the brake, shoved the car into park and bounded out the door. The hard asphalt road under her feet reminded her she was barefooted, and with each step she found a new pebble or protrusion to step on with her tender feet. She clutched her chest and tried to fight to control the attack coming.
When she was a few feet away, all she could do was stare at her car with disbelief and fear. It was going wild, using all of its bells and whistles at once. Must be a faulty computer chip, she decided, and allowed the idea to calm her. The headlights flashed as if strobes beating out some sort of Morse code. Screeching wipers echoed, piercing her ears along with the incessant honking of the horn.
She looked up at the sky. “Why me?”
Only twinkling stars replied in various hues.
Resigned to the fact her demon car simply a malfunction much like the imperfect world around her, Meredith regained her courage and walked back to it. She leaned inside and pulled the lever for the hood. There was only one way to disable it. The distinctive pop sounded and she rounded to the front and yanked the hood up. The noise was deafening and she clawed at the battery cables, jerking and pulling, hoping to dislodge the positive side.
“Shit, shit!” she yelled. The bolt was too tight to budge without tools. Already her ears had begun to ring and she squinted her eyes from the pain bolting through her head.
Meredith had a victorious moment when she remembered the gift her father had given her a few Christmases back. A small pink toolbox, and it was in the trunk. She scrambled around the door and reached inside for the button to open it. With all the noise her car was making, she figured if anyone lived nearby they’d hear her, and hopefully come to her rescue. Until that time, she couldn’t take much more of the sounds, the blaring radio, horn yapping, and rubber squalling over glass.
Before she could pull her box of salvation from the trunk, a bright light overhead shone down, illuminating the darkness, growing more and more intense until Meredith shielded her eyes. Strange energy pulsed through her body with the extreme light becoming unbearable. It couldn’t be a helicopter, she realized, because she heard no indicative sounds suggesting as much. A new wave of terror gripped her, and before she could rationalize anymore, she took off in a run away from the light.
“This isn’t happening! This isn’t happening!” she screamed.
Internal warning bells sounded simultaneously and pushed her feet into action. Something was not right, not natural. Fear propelled her, telling her to run. The light followed her. She couldn’t hear anything except a faint hum. The light was so intense she wasn’t sure what created it. Her legs muscles burned as she struggled to escape the probing light. Being a librarian didn’t offer much in the way of physical exercise, and now she was beginning to regret not taking her friend up on an offer to join a health club.
Meredith had scoffed at the idea, too geeky to let go of her books or her telescope to endure the physical strain. And at what cost? she had asked. Sore and tired muscles didn’t appeal to her. And it wasn’t that she didn’t secretly wish for a more toned or fit body, but some things just didn’t seem worth the effort. How she regretted that decision now.
When her foot plunged into a pothole and her other leg couldn’t compensate, she was sent careening forward, hands first against the crumbling roadbed. She scrambled to get up, looking over her shoulder to see shadows of large forms approaching. “Oh, hell!” she shrieked and lunged forward, pouring as much energy into her legs as she could muster until she realized she was being circled. More forms lay directly in her path and she abruptly stopped, turned slowly as the advancing shadows closed in around her. Panic and terror caused her to take erratic breaths, wheezing as she struggled for oxygen. A buzz spread through her head downward and she blinked her eyes, trying to force them to stay open. The sensation oozed further down and she swayed on her feet until darkness took over.
Siv looked down at the female with irritation He didn’t like having to chase. After all his missions to Earth to study the humans, it got tiring. At first he'd enjoyed the thrill, eager to learn, but now his position had become strangely boring. During his very first mission, his aqua blood had pulsed with such need—and it was no wonder; the human females possessed an aphrodisiac his brethren couldn’t resist.
Even with his desensitization training, humans still spiked his desire; thus his first encounter was a memorable one. Now, after encountering dozens of females, his control had become unyielding, a force field protecting him against the pull their arousal held on his race. And that was why he was on this mission, to uncover the secrets of human females' physiology and use it to the Kunachians’ advantage.
“What is it?” Draxon asked.
Siv glanced over at his most trusted aide. “I tire of the experiments and collections.”
“I too, sir, but we must remember why we are here,” Draxon replied.
“Aye, I try, Drax.” Siv placed his hands on his hips. “I wish we could break the code, then all this collection wouldn’t be necessary.”
“Until that time we must complete our mission and harvest their essence.”
Siv glanced at the screens and the vital signs of the still incoherent female. It was the same protocol, specimen to specimen. He had grown a tolerance to human arousal, so much so that his position no longer excited him. He had learned to shut off his desires, the procedure black and white, and the same techniques each time with various types of female forms. Didn’t matter the color or the shape or size, Siv could no longer shut off the barrier he had erected, leaving him nothing more than a soldier on mission.
“Sir, I sense unrest in you. Are you up to the task?”
Siv turned with his eyes narrowed. “Do you dare question my abilities?”
Drax shook his head and cleared his throat. “Nay, sir. I was simply intrigued.”
“And what bearing should it matter to you? I always retrieve what we seek.”
Draxon’s skin paled to a light blue, a sign of fear. “Of course, sir. I was simply hoping to see you jovial once more.”
Siv belted out a sarcastic laugh. “Jovial, eh? How can I be such when I’m denied the pleasures of what we seek? How many lunar cycles must I endure?”
“May I suggest another approach?” Draxon asked and folded his arms over his chest.
Siv cocked a brow.
“It seems that what we have been harvesting is lacking and mostly produced from fear instead of desire. This has plagued me for some time and it distresses me.”
“Tell me, Drax. What is your suggestion?” Siv asked and a newfound wave of enthusiasm sparked inside him.
Draxon waved his hands and sighed. “It is against protocol.”
Siv chuckled with sarcasm. “I care not for protocol at this point.”
He knew Draxon could sense his unrest. Their connection was natural, part of their species, a binding force that only grew the closer they became. “Sir, my discovery has led me to believe that this can be our last mission.”
“What is this discovery you speak of? And why haven’t you told me sooner?” Siv demanded to know and approached Drax.
“We would be breaking our code of ethics, sir. If news reaches Kunach about our deeds, we could suffer immensely,” Draxon explained with a worried expression.
“I am suffering immensely!” Siv roared. The Kunachians were extremely sexual beings and denial of their needs for long periods of time only heightened to their aggressive behavior. He might be able to deny his needs and cope, but had difficulty controlling his anger.
“I am aware, sir. Apparently the concubine we have aboard doesn’t suit you.”
Siv snorted. He found nothing attractive about the Lorian race. Anea couldn’t ease the desire, the want, or the need. Not that he’d let her try. His desire had become a stalemate, and only one creature could tame the intense burning in his groin. A human female.
Since Siv had first endured the maddening scent of the human female’s arousal while in training, it was all he thought of or yearned for. A being that could plunder any willing female of any race, he now had tunnel vision, but had learned to curb it. The endless harvesting missions were unraveling him from his core. He vowed to be strong, to fight his desire for the greater good of his brethren, but now his control was failing him.
Slaking his need with his own hand had done little to tame the beast inside him. Only by the power of his mind and his vow to his people had he found the strength to resist. Otherwise he would be doomed, pulled in like stars and space matter swirling into the storm of a black hole. Human women had that power, and yet they were ignorant that his race even existed.
Siv looked to the female on the examination table. Her vitals were strong, but breathing labored. Her curvy body held him captive. Parts of her anatomy poked through a strange garment, not unlike others he had seen before, but this one was different. Others wrapped over their breasts, effectively covering them. This one allowed her mammary glands to tease with a small glimpse. Curious device, he thought as he walked nearer. He studied the coverings that extended up her limbs, yet not fully encasing them. Intricate material adorned the top, as if meant to please the eye.
“What is this?” Siv asked as he slipped a finger under a stretchy band attached to the leg coverings.
“The humans call it lingerie, sir. It is meant to cause desire in human men.”
Siv snorted. “Unnecessary.”
“Aye, sir.”
“Why cover such beauty?” Siv asked and remembered that he dozed off into a rejuvenation state during a few human history lessons. He sort of wished he hadn’t.
During his training, Siv grew tiresome. Humans seemed to place too much emphasis on adornment, and he figured maybe it had been one of the lessons he’d rejuvenated during. It wasn’t until he had been given his first scent identification test that he became eager. Before the experiment, Siv was restrained in a holding unit, a small enclosure reinforced to effectively hold a crazed Kunach male. At first he'd laughed at the ridiculous box, sure he could handle anything. He hadn’t expected the dazed euphoria that swept over him and pulled him in. The scent of a human female’s arousal was mixed with the air he breathed, and as soon as he took it in, he became wild and unhinged. Lust spiked through his veins, directly to his cock. The need to breed became so forceful he couldn’t contain the sheer aggravation of his prison. He pounded his fists against the diamond infused viewing window that never budged. His knuckles bled from his constant abuse, body shook, limbs flying, kicking, and punching. Nothing smelled so sweet, so erotic, or so addictive. He inhaled deep breaths, infusing the scent into his lungs, needing more, wanting more. Pain throbbed in his cocks at a level he’d never experienced before.
Siv had fought against the enclosure, insistent on escaping, needing to find refuge for his swollen members. Hours of rage-induced fighting left him weak until his body succumbed and drifted off into a rejuvenation cycle that lasted two lunar moons.
Only the strongest, the most immune after training were chosen for the harvesting expedition. While the crew on board were well acquainted and somewhat in control, sacrifices had to be made where the scientists were concerned. Siv himself was nothing more than the leader. His skills were sought after since he was one of only a few with the capability of mind sweeping. A technique that not only ensured their visits were never remembered, but also a tool that was very powerful, as he used mind control to elicit arousal as well.
It occurred to him as he looked down at the semi-lifeless female that what Draxon said made perfect sense. Siv could use his mind techniques to calm humans, but his reach was only minimal. Humans were a very complex race, with extremely multifaceted mind systems. He wondered if even though he calmed them that some fear reigned in their minds even as their bodies succumbed to desire.
“As I was directing, sir…” Draxon paused.
Siv turned. “Aye?”
Strange voices in the background brought Meredith to a semi-conscious state. She blinked rapidly, trying to adjust to the dim light above. Was she in a hospital? She wondered as she tried to focus on the sterile environment surrounding her. The voices continued to talk in muffled tones, foreign dialects she couldn’t understand. Confusion reigned as she focused her eyes. Blurry forms emerged, slowly materializing as the haze disappeared.
Not a hospital! Oh, god, where am I?
She regained her faculties with her fight or flight reflex kicking in. She tried to flee, but jerked against restraints. One form stared at her and began to come closer. She blinked, unable to believe what she was seeing. A large being with royal blue skin and wide crystalline green eyes approached. He faintly resembled a human, but she knew he couldn’t be.
“No!” Meredith shouted and jerked at the manacles holding her. “No, stay away from me!”
The voices surrounding her continued to converse as if she wasn’t making a noise. Her vision became sharp and she realized all the other forms were similar, with some being a little smaller or a little taller. Some were wide, others narrow, much like humans in that they all differed. She took rapid breaths and continued to struggle as the strange creature came nearer, only a couple of feet away. She could see his face better now and it frightened her. “Stop, please, don’t touch me!”
“Shhhh.” His deep voice vibrated in her ear as he leaned close. “No harm will come to you.”
A rush of euphoria spread out, fanning over every inch of her body, as if his voice was a drug. She slowed the fight against the bands that imprisoned her and her breathing calmed. “Who, who are you?” she managed to rasp out, but fear still gripped her stomach.
“Merely a visitor,” he replied and his bright green eyes widened with interest.
“This isn’t real.” She felt limp and realized she could no longer move her arms or legs. Blinking her eyes, she tried to retain her focus.
“Shhh.” His voice tickled her ear again. She felt drunk and out of sorts.
Meredith watched helplessly, unable to form words as the life form summoned the others closer. There were six in all. Some held rectangular devices while others stood as casual observers. Tears welled in her eyes and it was the only faculty that seemed to work. Although she could no longer speak or move her lips, or any other part of her body for that matter, she could feel a tear fall, wetting her face. One of the beings spoke in an unintelligible language.
“Use the human’s dialect,” the largest that stood next to her barked with a harsh tone. “She needs to know we bring no harm.”
“She’s leaking,” the being replied and pointed at Meredith’s face.
            “No, those are tears. She is frightened.”
All the beings nodded, two taking notes.
The being or man of sorts that stood next to her brushed the tear away and licked it from his finger. “Human tears contain saline.”
Nods were exchanged.
Meredith quivered from his touch, but lacked sufficient control of her muscles to pull away. He turned his attention back to her and studied her. Curiosity was evident in the way he looked at her. Despite the strange markings on his face, he was uniquely handsome. She stared at him as he gently brushed her hair back and placed his fingertips to the temples of her head. A pulse of energy radiated through her and she closed her eyes, fear once again crippling her.
“Men of your world differ from us,” he whispered and Meredith snapped her eyes open, catching a pained expression come over his harsh features. “Such a lovely creature shouldn’t be hurt. We would adore you, take care of you, and protect you.”
Another tear trickled down her cheek. What did he just do? Could he read her mind or see her thoughts?
“Come forth and complete your work.” The being motioned toward the group and they converged around her. “Venario, monitor the new recruits. We wouldn’t want them to lose their minds on their very first mission."
“Aye, sir,” Venario said with a curt nod and placed something on the side of each of the blue beings' heads.
“Are you ready, Drax?” the leader asked and a smaller, slimmer being nodded.
Strange monitors blinked when a probe touched her skin. A display at the other side of the room lit up with a female form outlined in a white light. Bizarre symbols began to appear beside arrows pointing to different regions. When she realized it wasn’t just any standard female form, but her own, she regained use of her lips and gasped.
“Shhh,” came the deep voice again. “Merely tests. Nothing to fear.”
Two sets of large blue hands began touching her skin, gently probing and squeezing. She looked down and noticed she was wearing the black and pink lingerie that left her open and exposed for them to see. They moved from her legs up over her stomach, lightly gliding over her ribcage, and over her nipples that protruded through the holes in the bra. Gasping from the strange combination of lust and fear, she closed her eyes with a warm rush of her excitement making her wet. The monitor began beeping loudly and she snapped her eyes open as the beings stepped away.
The one with a voice capable of drugging her began to chuckle. “She is aroused.”
Anger spiked in her gut and forced her voice to work. “Am not!”
“Initiate human response test,” the being in control with the intriguing voice ordered.
The two that stood near immediately began to work. One moved a small shiny table to her side. The other barked out an unusual word and the lights dimmed. Meredith blinked, trying to adjust to the lower light levels. Three of the blue creatures held their devices, the glow illuminating their abnormal coloring. Meredith watched with horror, unable to move or speak. Inside she was screaming and willing her body to move. A light musky scent began to fill the room. It was pleasant, intoxicating, and bizarrely soothing. She inhaled the fragrance and felt her body tingle. Her mind drifted and her breathing calmed. The sensation reminded of her of the dentist’s office when she had been given nitrous oxide. The fear subsided, although it still hovered in the back of her mind, replacing the masked fright, an attitude that no longer cared what happened overcame her.
“We’re ready to begin.” One of the beings standing near her spoke and all she wanted to do was laugh.
The leader of the group stood close and observed. Meredith guessed he was in charge, judging by how the others reacted to his commands. They offered no arguments, following his orders immediately after he gave them. He seemed calm, confident even.
A lighted bar above lowered and laser-like green light directed at her head and moved quickly down her entire body. The screen with her form became colored. Some regions were blue, while others were orange and red.
“Human response in three, two, one,” was spoken by the one called Drax. He dabbed a strange aqua-luminescent substance on her inner thigh.
Meredith felt a warm tremor build and she began to quiver.
“Leave us,” the leader ordered loudly and the other beings exited through a door that automatically slid open and closed behind them. He turned his attention back to her and smiled with his royal blue lips. “Yes, I smell your arousal and it has heightened my senses.” He breathed through his nose and it flared open. His eyes closed and he smiled, as if taking in the most wonderful scent he’d ever known.
When he opened his eyes again they had become bright yellow with small cat-like slits in the middle. Before Meredith could scream he placed his lips to her ear. “Shhhh.”
She whimpered under his control and was helpless to fight against him. Her body hummed with desire, tiny electric shocks pulsed against her skin with awareness flourishing to every extremity. Oh, god, I am aroused.
“I had to send the others away because they wouldn’t be able to control their lust for you. You’re an aphrodisiac to our kind. Your scent alone can drive us insane with desire,” he informed her while his eyes widened and glazed over with all colors of the rainbow before going back to the bright yellow hue. “I will give you back your power to speak if you will not scream. That noise not only harms our ears, but it also leads us nowhere.”
Meredith nodded and moved her lips. Somehow his voice was a drug that he could control when he spoke. However, the effects didn’t last long, she realized, because he had to keep shushing her when she was able to speak again. Strange, she thought and became fascinated by the being. “What do you want with me?”
“To learn,” he simply replied and stroked her arm.
“Curiosity mainly, but other than that, we are drawn to human women. My team is working to understand why.” He grinned and allowed his gaze to sweep over her body. “It would seem that the draw is mutual.”
“Pfft.” Meredith tried to act indifferent and ignored the desire that continued to dribble from her sex.
“You don’t believe?” he asked and fanned her nipple with his fingertip, immediately bringing it to a hard peak. A long, dark blue tongue flicked over her bud.
“No,” Meredith stated and inhaled a shaky breath. Trying to change the subject, she asked the first question that came to mind and writhed under the restraints. “What is your name?”
He chuckled loudly, amusement evident in his expression.
“Don’t you even want to know my name?” she asked.
“Tell me, please.” He played along.
“Meredith,” she replied and began to relax a little, if for no other reason than to keep from going into a panic attack. Just watching his eyes change from green to bright yellow scared the hell out of her enough.
“If you must know, I am called Siv.” He grinned while tracing her arm with his fingertip.
“Where are you from, Siv?”
“Kunach.” He angled his head as if bored by the questions. “A planet your human race doesn’t know exists.”
“So you’re here to find out why you desire human women so much?”
Siv laughed. “Also because I was bored, as you humans would say.”
Meredith noticed the longer she talked the more his eye color changed. Instead of bright yellow, they were fading and returning closer to their original color. One part of her was relieved to see the change, while the other knew what that meant: his desire was fading.  “Do you want to know why I’m dressed like this?”
Siv shook his head and his eyes quickly changed to a fierce red. “I could see the past day of your life when I recorded your memories. A man who would treat you so poorly deserves to die.”
“No, don’t,” Meredith argued.
“Humans, you hate yet love all at the same time. Mysterious.”
“I don’t love him,” she stated as a tear fell. “I mean, I thought I did.”
“Yet he hurts you and you worry about his existence?”
“I don’t want anyone to hurt. I just want to be happy,” Meredith said with a sniffle, tears now streaming down her cheeks.
Siv placed his hands on her head and looked into her eyes. “Then I shall wipe him out of your mind.”
Before Meredith could protest, her eyes dried up and the emotional pain was gone. She struggled to understand what he'd just done to her and stared wide eyed at him. “What were we talking about?”
Siv’s eyes began to morph back to yellow. “Your arousal for me.”
Meredith’s breathing hitched as a wave of desire poured over her. Siv’s hand was on her thigh, gently moving up. She shivered; her mind screamed no, but her body shouted yes, overruling rational thoughts. Her body stilled and then pulled hard against the restraints when his fingers lightly strummed her pussy through the thin fabric of her lacy panties. Fighting the desire was more than she could take. Her muscles quivered uncontrollably as she tensed her body tight.
“Why do you fight against your desire?” Siv asked with an inquisitive expression lighting up his face. “I need not induce you to want me. I can sense all the emotions you are holding back, the desire pulsing through your veins, and leaking from your body. Give in to me and I shall give you pleasure unlike anything you have ever experienced,” he coaxed and flicked his fingertips over her swollen clit.
Need radiated from her cunt. The anal plug was still inside her rosebud, pressing against the thin wall between the two orifices. She closed her eyes, gaining control of her hips. She rocked her pussy against Siv’s hand, desire propelling her, begging for stimulation.
“Give me permission, Meredith,” Siv said with a deep purr that rocketed her desire to a peak.
“Please.” She writhed as he teased her.
“Tell me.” His voice grew husky, demanding.
“I need you. I give you permission!” she shouted and his finger plunged deep inside her. “Oh, god!” she wailed and felt her slick heat ooze out.
“I know not who your god is, but for now, I am him. Say my name!” he ordered and eased out before plunging back in, making Meredith squeal.
“Mmm, that’s better,” he stated with a growl, leaning closer to her face and flicking his tongue over her lips. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and brought his hand close to his nose, inhaling deeply. His eyes began to glow brilliant orange. “You scent could drive an average Kunach male mad.” He placed his fingertip coated with her juices to her bottom lip and smeared the slick substance from one side to the other. Kissing her softly, his tongue swiped over her lips, lapping the cream he left there. A deep rumble erupted from his throat and frightened her, yet increased her desire for him.
“Kiss me,” she breathlessly pleaded and his mouth pressed against hers. She moaned as his tongue delved into her mouth, his lips pulling against hers. His hands were on her skin, dragging over her flesh and leaving goose bumps behind.
Siv placed soft kisses down her neck, a growl vibrating off his lips as he worked down to her breasts. He stopped and lifted up, gazing at her with intrigue. Grasping her bra in his hand, he jerked it free and grinned. “Breathtaking.”
Meredith whimpered as his mouth wrapped around her nipple. His tongue frantically flicked her nub. “Yesss, oh, yessss!” she moaned. How he could make his tongue move so fast was amazing.
“I must taste you, now,” he stated as rose up with his nose flaring out wide. He moved to the end of the examination table that slightly elevated her head and pushed a button. Similar to a gynecological table, the center retraced, yet left her legs pulled apart.
Siv stroked the inside of her thighs as he moved closer, seemingly taking mental notes at the same time. She lifted her hips off the table, barely able to control the need that pulsed through her body. When his tongue flicked over her nub she squealed and thrashed against the manacles.
“I must take your voice. My saliva will drive you to immense pleasure and you won’t be able to control yourself.” Siv offered a hum before pressing his mouth to her pussy.
Meredith bucked wildly and although she was screaming, no noise was coming out. His tongue split her pussy lips wide, caressing between her folds and driving her crazy with extreme pleasure. She panted and bucked her hips wildly, trying to get away from his probing mouth, the feeling so intense she could barely stand it.
Siv hummed against her pussy and leaned back while admiring the tender flesh. Her barely-there panties he had pushed aside with his tongue. With a tentative hand, Siv caressed the inside of her thigh, inching downward and pulling at her panties until they ripped and left her bare.
“Please, I need to come. Please make me come,” she pleaded in barely a whisper. He had stopped and left her in a state of agony, so close to release.
Siv smiled with arrogance and his tongue began to extend from his mouth. Meredith blinked and the sight seized her muscles. Between his smiling lips, the blue extremity continued to lengthen. She tried to scream, but he hummed and all she accomplished was moving her mouth. He lapped at her pussy, his mouth six inches away. Immediately she succumbed and felt her body writhe with extreme pleasure. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply through her nose, lolling her head from side to side.
“Ready to fly?” he whispered and gave her pussy a quick lash of his tongue.
Meredith nodded with her eyes closed and felt his large tongue thrust inside her. Her mouth opened wide with a soundless scream. She convulsed with fits of exhilaration. The sensation was wild, tickling her from the inside out. His long tongue delved deep inside, swirled, and pressed to her inner wall at a spot she never knew existed, sending her mind into a dreamlike state. Stars and colors mingled together, bright and exploding as her body convulsed.
Siv retracted his tongue as Meredith’s eyes rolled back, her mind threatening to shut down. She was on a cloud, floating with weightless freedom. Every inch of her flesh tingled. She smiled, her eyes flickering open and closed. Siv stood beside her and caressed her cheek. Leaning closer, she could see his bright orange eyes twinkle with affection. He blew a light breath of air into her face and she inhaled. The scent was similar to warm vanilla, yet light and airy. Her eyes pulled wide open like she’d been given a shot of adrenaline. 
“Although our bodies crave one another, we are almost mortal enemies of sorts. Your arousal, as I have mentioned, drives my species to lunacy.”
Meredith blinked her eyes, trying to understand. “How are the Kunach dangerous to humans?”
Siv’s smile softened. “As you learned, our saliva is a powerful aphrodisiac. It also has other beneficial qualities, some I hope you will want to experience. As for our seed—” He stopped to chuckle. “Humans do not have the strength to overcome the effects.” He stared at her for a moment, his expression kind and warm, even though he possessed blue skin and lips. “Shall I continue?”
Meredith took a shaky breath. Her climax would have knocked her cold if not for Siv’s unique gifts.
“I must warn. I am not small.”
Caressing her cheek, he stared with longing and pent-up desire. His fingertips moved slowly down her neck and to her breast, stopping to pinch and tease. The simmering desire began to build up and Meredith’s pussy ached with a renewed want.
“I need to touch you,” she whispered, wanting to experience her hands on his flesh, feel the defined muscles that rippled down his arms.
Siv smiled as if pleased. He pressed a button on the side of the table and the restraints clanked open. Meredith rubbed her wrists. They ached from pulling against metal bindings. Siv gently grabbed her right hand and studied the marks left behind. He pressed his lips to her wrist and swiped his tongue over the area that hurt, moving her hand so that he could do the same to the other side. The pain dissipated in seconds. She was in awe as he continued to her left hand.
“Amazing,” she expelled with shock evident in her tone.
Siv seemed proud. “Many, many qualities.”
Even as alarm lingered in her mind, her body screamed for his touch, his lips on hers. The strange pull made her sit up and touch his cheek. The intricate tattoos were beautiful, raw and expressive, scrolling over his colored flesh. She wondered if she was dreaming and realized she didn’t have that much imagination. Even though he appeared strange with his blue-tinged skin, abnormal facial features, and wildly long tongue, she was attracted to him, like nothing else she’d ever encountered.
“Kiss me again,” she pleaded and was promptly rewarded with a searing kiss that had her toes curling. The taste of his mouth was sweet and powerfully erotic, like cinnamon and sugar. She hummed and earned a growl in response.
His hands swept over her skin, hot from the touch, setting her on fire from the inside out. Her mind felt drunk, led by an overwhelming desire that she couldn’t understand. A need so strong her fingertips tingled and her pussy throbbed with pain.
Their tongues warred together, pulling, swirling with deep desire for each other. Her lips tickled, buzzing as if coated with some sort of numbing salve. Wild, it was crazy, awe-inspiring, hot and sensual. His kiss elicited a need so strong she trembled with anticipation.
The hard muscles of his chest flexed under her fingertips and caused her to hum. Slick wetness between her thighs made her squirm. Her clit pulsed, need consuming her with overpowering lust that made her quiver.
“Do not fear me.” He spoke softly against her lips. His fingers left a blazing trail over her collarbone to her breasts. Calloused fingers plucked her erect nipples, sending a flood of desire trickling from her sex.
Meredith gasped and eagerly thrust her tongue into his mouth.
A light chuckle caused her to panic. She stared into his glimmering eyes and swallowed hard.
“It would seem our bodies seek to copulate.”
Meredith nodded, wide eyed, unable to understand the draw she felt. He inched his hand up her thigh and her breathing hitched.
“So close,” he whispered, seemingly content that he was driving her wild.
She leaned back and pushed her hips up, begging for his touch. Her hands grasped her breasts and pinched her nipples.
“No need to pleasure yourself when I yearn to do it for you,” he whispered as he moved a hand away and latched his mouth around her breast.
Meredith felt her body stiffen as the sudden warmth of his mouth soothed her chilled body. She shivered and arched her back, pressing her breast against his mouth.
He spoke in an unintelligible language and warmth rained down on her, seemingly coming from every direction. His tongue lashed over her nipple as his other hand moved back up her thigh, fingertips strumming her aching clit.
She mewled and felt her body arch up off the table again, needy for his touch. One finger impaled her and she cried out, pumping her pussy toward his hand. Everything felt so wonderful, yet strange, so wrong, but so damn amazing at the same time. Light, feathering grazes of his finger teased her swollen clit. His mouth covered hers, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. Gentle strokes from his thick finger had her moaning with satisfaction. She held his head between her hands, seeking more, giving back with enthusiasm, kissing his plump lips, allowing her tongue to glide along the seams.
“Oh, god,” she gasped out as her release built.
“Give in to me. Allow your essence to release for me,” he said with a growl and she felt a smooth object quickly impale her.
The dizzying sensation rocked her body as she reached the summit. The device vibrated deep inside her and body stiffened as her lungs began to scream.
“Shhh,” his deep voice purred in her ear, rendering her once again soundless.
Meredith gasped for air and gripped his arm and chest tight as her orgasm shook her body. Slight muscle contractions drew the device in deeper as her blue-skinned abductor slowly milked her release.
“Very good,” he purred and softly pressed his lips to hers. He pulled the device out and set it aside. “My work is complete and now it is time for me to indulge.”
“Yes,” Meredith pleaded in a faint tone, drunken from her high.
Siv spread her legs wide and a wicked smile swept over his lips. “I am pleased you were thoughtful enough to insert this,” he said and wiggled something that was deep inside her ass.
She shuddered, unsure why or how the plug got there. But it felt amazing when he moved it, causing her to quiver with excitement. He nipped the inside of her thigh and gave a lash of his tongue over her clit.
“Oh, hell!” She squirmed and her body shivered.
“Look at me, human,” Siv ordered and she felt her body rise as the contraption she was on moved her into more of a sitting position.
Meredith stared, unable to understand why his color and size hadn’t sent her screaming. He was large and opposing, thick muscled arms and torso, easily making most human men seem small in comparison. Instead she felt an overwhelming desire to feel him, all of him. She allowed her gaze to fall to the prominence in his leather-like pants. She licked her lips at the sight.
Siv pulled his shirt over his head, revealing a wide, unusually muscled chest. He was void of hair, his skin shimmering like silk. Her eyes moved lower, taking in his form, curious about what lay out of sight. He unfastened the closure of his pants, slowly driving her wild with anticipation and need. He smiled and wet his lips, abundantly proud of what he was about to reveal.
“Ready, human?”
Meredith nodded with wide-eyed appreciation of what was already delighting her eyes.
His large, dark purple cock jutted free and she suppressed a startled gasp, slapping her hand over her mouth.
“No need to fear, human. I will ensure your body will accept me… all of me,” he said as another, yet smaller cock appeared under the first.
“Holy, shit! You have two dicks?” she shouted and felt her trepidation as she squirmed, seeking a way out.
He chuckled as if amused and palmed the larger one. “Shhh.” His voice slammed into her and her body calmed.
She was helplessly immobile. Fright dictated that she run, but the capacity had been taken from her. Desire and fear morphed inside her body and mind; want trickled from her sex, wet and slick between her thighs. She whimpered as he moved closer, stroking his large cock in his hand. He dipped down, flicked his tongue over her clit and her body became electrified with sensual desires, needs.
“Do not fear the unknown. I will make your mind fly into a dreamlike state. Your body will experience pleasure like never before. Submit to me.”
Desire clouded her better judgment and all she could think of was how it would feel to have him inside her. His tongue lapped at her pussy, lazily swirling, need surging outward until she was begging for her voice back so she could agree. A strangled cry erupted from her lungs, his voice merely causing a temporary paralysis.
Siv looked up her with a smile and his chest heaved in a deep breath. “My lovely little creature, I will be gentle… at first.”
Meredith felt her body tense when Siv pulled the plug from her rear. She immediately missed the strange sensation. She stared and sucked in rapid breaths of air as he stood, his thick cock in his hand, pleased eyes glowing. Moving forward, his cock delved between her nether lips, and a spark of euphoria sizzled throughout her body. The large shaft pressed at her entrance and she bit her lip, sure he’d never fit.
“Amazing,” he expelled through gritted teeth and hissed as he inched his way inside her.
She arched and her head fell back, overcome by the sheer size of him and the incredible feeling it gave her. Her body opened for him, allowing his large cock to slide effortlessly inside her. She felt her nipples harden further, becoming erect peaks, wildly aroused as sensations pummeled her body, each nerve ending firing jolts of pleasure. She grasped the side of the table and wrapped her legs around him, pulling him closer, needing to feel his body pressed against hers.
Siv thrummed her nipples and she felt her pussy squeeze around him. Each and every ripple that covered his shaft tickled her insides as he began to move slowly, easing in and out. Her head lolled back and forth. She didn’t know whether to cry, scream, or giggle from the high she was experiencing. Her skin tingled from head to toe, her breaths ragged, and her heart raced. She felt her eyes roll back as she allowed the consuming force to take her under, fogging her mind in a dreamlike state.
“Not yet,” Siv ordered and gripped her arms, pulling her up to him. “Look at me.”
Meredith opened her eyes, dizzy, and smiled. His hips rocked back and forth, stretching her wide, causing her body to convulse and coat his cock with her wetness. He inhaled a deep breath through his nose and his eyes became bright red. Wrapping his arm around her waist, he cradled her in his embrace. His lips pressed urgently against hers, tongue skimming out to taste.
“You can take me. Open your eyes and look at me,” he barked and she snapped her lazy lids open.
She touched his face and moaned when he thrust back inside her. “I feel dizzy.”
Siv chuckled. “Only the beginning, human.”
“Wow,” she expelled and her eyes fluttered.
“Resist the urge. Feed from it. Allow it to energize you.”
Meredith nodded and swayed. A sharp bite of pain radiated from her nipple and her eyes were wide, mouth moaning loudly. She gripped the back of his neck and her body stiffened. She felt her pussy contract and a loud growl erupted from his lungs.
“I can’t take it, oh, god, it's coming, it's—” she screamed as her release took hold and her body shook uncontrollably. She could feel his cock twitch inside her, sending a new wave of ecstasy rolling through her body.
Siv slowed, allowing her to enjoy the pleasure, caressing her cheek as he moved gently. She felt weak, like a rag doll, and blinked her eyes, trying to stay awake.
A cinnamon-kissed breath puffed in her face and her eyes opened wide. She felt his other cock pressing against her rosebud and she shivered.
He seemed pleased as he chuckled. “Never been invaded there?”
Meredith shook her head and felt her muscles contract.
“Tiny human, this is the best part,” he whispered while one cock impaled her and the other inched inside her rosebud.
“Oh, wow!” she cried out and fell back, summoning her tense muscles to relax. Siv’s large blue hands raked over her chest to her stomach, his thumb flicking her clit. Sensations flooded her body, spreading out until she felt amazingly alive.
Siv hissed as both of his shafts simultaneously sank deep into her body. Meredith arched, overcome, panting, and grasping for leverage. His two cocks tickled the thin membrane between her orifices and she writhed with extreme pleasure.
“Human, you were made for me,” he said with a growl and pumped his hips with more force.
A sharp pain blossomed in her cunt and a violent release gripped her. She writhed and screamed until Siv quieted her with his soothing voice. Even without the noise, she was still crying out, quaking as her body convulsed over and over again. The thick cocks rippled in and out, hitting nerve endings she never knew existed. Her wetness enveloped his cock, dribbling down to her rosebud, the heat setting forth a new round of pleasure.
“Yes, sweet human, let your essence flow, show me how much I please you.”
“Oh, my god,” she whispered and clutched the side of the table. “More, god, please more!”
A growl frightened her and Siv yanked her up. His tongue roughly thrust inside her mouth, still growling as his hips bucked wildly. “You are mine, sweet human.”
Meredith fell back on her hands and arched her breasts up. Siv quickly suckled one and moved to the other. His words echoed in her ears: 'You are mine, sweet human'. No one had ever made such a claim. Even though she doubted his words, it still made her feel sexy and wildly uninhibited. She was floating on a cloud of pleasure, her body drunk, buzzing from head to toe. Her head rolled back and forth between her shoulder blades, lifting so that he could delve deeper inside her.
“It seems you doubt.” His tone was clipped with anger.
She shook her head, overwhelmed by the pleasure, his words mere adage to the moment and nothing more.
He pulled out and her eyes opened. Her body screamed with awareness, not yet ready to stop. He yanked her to her feet in front of him. His brilliant red eyes took on a menacing expression. Rough hands held her face, forcing her to look at him. “The universe be damned, human. You are mine.” 
Meredith tasted the metallic flavor of blood as his mouth crushed down on hers. A tear rolled over her cheek, not from fear, but rather her emotions soaring out of control. No man had ever staked a claim to her, never wanted to.
He turned her around and pushed her forward, her breasts pressed against the metal table. She felt her sex respond and gush with exuberance, coating the inside of her thighs. His larger cock pressed at her rosebud and she sucked in a deep breath, ready, willing, needing the invasion. She squealed as he entered—not pain, but pure pleasure spiked through her body, uncoiling as shocks rocked her to orgasm.
He held her hips firmly and thrust a little harder with each stroke. It was becoming harder to resist the urge to succumb and allow the darkness to envelop her. She felt her eyes flutter, but before she could give in, Siv fisted her hair in his hand and yanked her head up.
“No!” he roared and her body sizzled with electricity. His other cock nudged at her pussy before impaling her hard.
“Fuck!” She screamed out the word that never flowed over her lips. She felt the appendage enlarge, thicken, and stretch her wide.
Her body shook as perspiration trickled over her brow. Siv pumped hard, long strokes inside her, melting her from the inside out. His body fell over hers and pulled her back to his chest. He grunted as he continued to punish her ass and pussy simultaneously.
“Mine!” he shouted and fucked her harder, holding her tight to him, moving so swiftly she couldn’t tell if he was entering or leaving.
Meredith cried out, no longer able to control herself. An earth-shattering release rocked her body and she convulsed before stars brightly flashed behind her eyes.
Siv paced the room, watching the small human’s life pulse blink on a screen. He scrubbed his jaw, unsure if what he had done had injured the female or not. Something out of the universe had taken hold of him. It was as if his body was testing hers, needing to know that she could take him, please him, and maybe one day be the mate he desired with both of his hearts.
He kicked the wall and even his powerful strength didn’t even leave a dent in the ore gathered for refinement from a far-off galaxy. In truth, his species was staring into a black hole of devastation if they couldn’t find compatible mates. They had searched multiple galaxies before finding Earth, a small planet in the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy. Their discovery a couple of years ago had given them a glimmer of hope. Since the war with Stekrits, the females of Kunach were ravaged by disease, becoming infertile, a ticking bomb, pointing toward their demise.
The Stekrits were intelligent beyond belief. What they lacked in weapons and brute force had been made up with brilliant minds and those that seemed to indulge in the pleasure of watching the Kunach race slowly expire. Sure, it would take a millennia, but the Stekrits were brutal and patient. How Siv wished for the tools to bring them to their knees. That fight would have to wait, though. It didn’t take his people long to figure out what was happening. Instead of launching a rebellion mission, his people were in search of compatible life forms able to copulate with them and bear their young, thereby ensuring the survival of their race.
Siv had spent what seemed like galactic lifetimes studying the human female. He was tired, had grown bored of the same tests, same harvesting. He needed to know!
It wasn’t until his aide, Draxon, suggested he copulate with the human did Siv’s enthusiasm renew. It was against protocol, and if his superiors found out what he had done, it might very well be his downfall. While rough and rather led by their aggression, the Kunachians were wise and intelligent, seeking and studying various life forms. They would not be amused to know he had risked a human life.
They never hurt or allowed any female to suffer under their hand. They had a soft spot for the gender, adoring them, praising them, and well they should. Human females were fragile compared to the Kunach females. In past missions they had learned much about the race, noting that just as the females excreted an overwhelming arousal that drove them mad, they too had an effect on humans.
Just as he suspected, his tiny female was overcome by his skin and the secretions his shaft produced. While it created overwhelming orgasms, it also fatigued them, almost draining them. The women most likely experienced some sort of euphoria from the pleasure before they succumbed. His people had yet to dare and copulate, until today. Instead, they tested their effect on humans with samples that were applied to the human’s skin where it could be absorbed.
A steady spike on the monitor helped Siv to calm his racing hearts. She still breathed. Her body still fought against his toxic secretion. He dared not allow his seed to flow inside her and had pulled out, allowing it to spill to the floor at his feet. Tests with their semen on humans' skin was like a drug, eliciting a sensual high, and alone caused extreme orgasms whether they were aroused to begin with or not.
The truth was, Siv sought a mate and females on his planet became scarcer with every lunar moon. Not only had their females became infertile, but they were also dying from a disease they had yet to understand and one that didn’t seem to affect the males.
What the Stekrits had done was cruel, and he should know. His people were not at all a friendly race, but would never harm the females of any species.
“How is she?” Draxon asked as soon as he stepped through the doorway.
“Steady, alive—” Siv snorted with sarcasm.
“I apologize, Siv. I suggested you copulate because I worry deeply about your mental state. It is my fault and my burden to admit to the elders should our human expire.”
“She will not!” Siv growled. Even though he couldn’t be certain, he had detected an amazing desire in her mind when he plundered it. She was fighting for survival even as she revealed the sadness and displeasure with her life.
Images of the human male that had callously injured her heart remained clear in Siv’s mind. He felt the hurt and anguish it caused her when faced with the truth. The feeling was like being burned from the direct hit of a death star. He balled his hands into fists at his side as the moment replayed over and over in his mind.
“Sir, you must not delve into her memories much. They become a part of you and you cannot sweep them from your mind,” Draxon reminded him.
It was true. While Siv could erase moments in time, days, or even years from human minds, he could not do so for himself. He nodded and stalked to the examination table, yanking off the probes, and scooped her up into his arms.
“Sir, what are doing?” Draxon had an alarmed expression and scuffled behind him.
Siv waved his hand for the door to open and briskly walked along the corridor with the unconscious female cradled against his chest.
“Sir?” Draxon prodded and touched his arm.
Siv growled as he stopped and turned to his aide. “I am taking her to my quarters to rest.”
“Sir, that is beyond protocol—”
“This whole mission has been. Don’t remind me, lest you see my wrath,” Siv barked and Draxon backed up.
“Aye, sir.”
Warm breath against his still bare chest reminded Siv of his precious cargo in tow. He couldn’t help his want to comfort her, or at least allow her to sleep peacefully in a decent rejuvenation pod. He couldn’t stand to watch her delicate body lying on the hard examination table, exposed. He had defiled her body, swept through her mind, and for the very first time in his existence, he felt a mourning sensation overcoming him.
Back on Kunach, males adored their females, worshipped them and showered them with gifts as well as providing for their needs. Well, males did to the few remaining females on the planet, more so now because of the unknown disease decimating them.
Siv had yet to take a mate, barely a babe by Kunachian standards. They were not allowed to do so, even if they wanted. Siv however, had had no desire to take a mate… until now. Before he couldn’t be burdened with such, not that he could tend to a mate, seeing that he spent most of time aboard his ship on research missions.
The entrance to his quarters opened up when sensors caught his presence. Personal rooms did so for the occupant, reading and opening for only the correct owner. Thereby no one could gain access to his room, just him. The door silently sealed them off from the rest of the ship. Siv entered his rejuvenation pod and carefully placed his tiny human on the soft surface of the bed. Immediately it formed around her body, carefully caressing her while initiating a rest sequence specifically for her weight, body, and species.
A sigh escaped her lips and she nuzzled her face against the soft pillow. No matter the species, Siv understood that all seemed to have particular comforts they enjoyed during rest cycles. Humans seemed to enjoy comforts much like the Kunach. Not all species cared for comfort, or at least they didn’t seem to. The Stekrits rested on hard slabs of rock. Barbarians.
Siv brushed the stray locks of hair away from her face. Black streaks still marred her pale skin where her adornment washed down from her tears. He caressed her round face, noting that her cheeks were still glowing from their copulation. And that was the problem between the species. Both seemed to act as opposite ends of magnetic ore being pushed together. They repelled one another… that is, until the opposing poles were joined.
Siv stood up and knocked his head on the inside of the pod. It was meant for rest, not standing. A newfound energy propelled him to find Draxon, his friend, and also the head scientist on board. While Siv severely lacked in the study of species, Draxon was well taught. In human terms, Draxon was a geek.
Something about his discovery caused him to smile, a rare occurrence. It did come to mind that Draxon was intellectually more brilliant than him, and more than likely already knew of such similarities. That thought didn’t stop him from continuing on. Instead, he made his way down the corridor, waving his hand over the sensor for lab for the door.
Draxon looked up when he briskly entered. “Is the female well?”
“Aye. She is rejuvenating in my quarters.”
Draxon gazed upon him with interest. “Are you well? Our species have never copulated before.” Worry took over his expression and he rushed to Siv’s side.
Before he could start examining him, Siv stepped out of his reach. “I am well, Drax. I am here to share my thoughts concerning our species’ incompatibility with humans.”
Draxon lifted a brow. “Aye.”
Meredith stretched as soft, silken fabric brushed over her skin. She felt almost weightless, similar to the feeling of a water bed gently lulling her to sleep. Her lids were heavy and she didn’t dare fight, preferring to keep them closed so that her dream could continue. Never before had her body felt so relaxed, or so amazingly content while she slept. She hummed and wiggled with dreamy bedding softly kissing her skin. Her body stilled and her dreaming stopped when realization finally struck. This was not her bed. Her bed squeaked when she moved. It was also akin to sleeping on a small grade. The center was slightly collapsed, leaving a depression in the center her body gravitated to.
Did she dare open her eyes? Was her dream real? Her eyes flickered and soft light greeted her. Then her nose detected a familiar scent. She inhaled it deeply, closing her eyes, and an image appeared. Meredith slapped a hand over her mouth. The man, the uh, alien? Oh, god, it wasn’t a dream.
She touched her lips, remembering the buzz she'd experienced when he kissed her. The bump at the corner of her mouth recalled the tang of her blood when he bit her. She shuddered as awareness flooded her body. Warm heat pooled between her thighs and she gasped. He had taken her, or, more accurately, abducted her.
Memories flourished in her mind. She was stranded, her car crazed as if possessed. I was out of fuel. Oh, god. Where she was at, she couldn’t ascertain, nor understand what took her to the remote area to begin with. As hard as she tried to recall, no memories surfaced. All she could remember before that point was dressing in her room. In lingerie? Why would I do that?
Clearly she envisioned her reflection staring back at her, part in awe, the other undecided. Her long hair was loose, falling around her shoulders, a rarity for her as she always kept it neatly pulled up. And the makeup? Outside of lip gloss and a little mascara, she never wore eye shadow or anything more. Why would I do that?
Maybe she'd let loose and cracked the lid on the expensive wine that dwelled inside her refrigerator, awaiting a celebration. She couldn’t recall any reason worthy, at least not any that would give reason to open up the luxury gifted to her.
All she could remember was a deep sense of loneliness. Her days had been spent mindlessly shelving books by day and by night staring up at the stars. The wine could be the only answer for her memory lapse, she decided, and slowly crawled toward the end of the plush bed under her. She peered out of the small room to the low glow of lighting barely illuminated the sparse décor in the larger room. Well, there was none really, she decided and placed her feet to the hard metal floor.
Pale walls greeted her, nothing in the room except an unusual chair of sorts in front of desk. Was it a desk? She tiptoed closer to see. There were no papers, no writing utensils, no forms of photos or anything for that matter that would indicate a workspace. But it was.
The faint sound of whooshing air behind her caused her to lurch forward and hide behind the retro-appearing chair. She peeked over the top and there he was, her captor, the being that made her body sing. His scent permeated the air, tickling her nose.
“I see your cycle is complete,” he said in a deep and rich tone as his lips drew into a smile.
“Cycle?” She blinked and kept her eyes focused on the blue being that stared intently at her.
“As humans would say, sleep.” He stepped closer and seemed amused by the fact she was hiding her nakedness from him. “Why must you conceal your form from me? I wish to gaze upon it.”
Meredith’s breath hitched in her throat as her eyes roamed and stopped at his groin. She recalled his large purple cock, both of them in great detail. An involuntary shudder rippled over her body, leaving goose bumps in their wake. Her pussy contracted, remembering how he'd felt inside her, pleasing her. A warm gush and desire for the blue alien slickened her thighs even as hate for her captor bubbled up. “You abducted me. You—you had no right to do that.”
“Shhhh.” His deep melody flowed through her, fear replaced with a sense of calm. “Come to me.”
The blue figure frowned. “Human, you perplex me. Not long ago you begged for my touch.”
“I wouldn’t have. You did something to me.”
He chuckled. “I simply relaxed you, tiny human. The desire you felt and acted on was of free will.”
“I would never!” Even though she said it, she knew she was lying. “You did that thing with your voice that makes me feel drunk.”
He started toward her. “I wish to see you.”
Meredith turned the chair and cowered behind it. “Where are my clothes?”
That made him laugh.
“Don’t come any closer.” She shivered as he closed the gap. “Where are we?”
Siv stopped and grinned with enjoyment. “Aboard my ship, of course.”
“Your ship?”
“Aye, hovering just above Earth’s protective layer.”
Meredith swayed. “This isn’t happening.”
“It is.”
“Why did you kidnap me?”
He seemed confused. “Kidnap? I do not understand that word. A kid is slang for child and you are anything but a child.”
Meredith rubbed her forehead. “Why did you take me?”
“To study you.”
“You’re an alien. No fucking way is this happening.”
“I’m rather intrigued by that word. So many uses and meanings.” He chuckled and attempted to move the chair.
Meredith pointed and stepped back. “Holy shit. You are—”
“I dislike that word. Do not say it again. I am a Kunachian.”
“Ku, what?”
He sighed and rubbed his strong blue chin. “I am from Kunach, a planet in the Azule galaxy.”
Meredith let out a startled laugh. “There is no such galaxy or planet.”
“Why would you say that?” he asked.
Meredith shook her head. This whole situation was crazy—or maybe she was crazy. “Let’s say you’re right. What is your purpose for abducting me? Why Earth?”
“Now that is a simple question. We seek mates.”
Meredith belted out a laugh. “Mates? So you traveled to Earth for mates?”
“Why? Do you not have females on your planet?”
His smile faltered. “They are dying.”
Meredith sobered some. “Why does that give you the right to come here and take me?”
“I do what is necessary for my people,” he admitted in a tone without apology or remorse.
“What are you going to do to me?”
His lips curled up into a sardonic smile. “After we copulate again I shall return you.” He moved closer.
“Don’t you come near me,” she shouted and glanced around for a way out. Fear kept her feet immobile as the desire for him continued to trickle down her legs.
“Shhhh,” he whispered, slowly nearing until he was standing a few inches away.
Meredith trembled and gazed up into his bright yellow, cat-like eyes.
“I can smell your arousal. You can deny with words, but your body craves me as mine craves you.”
The ability to speak had yet again been taken from her and it pissed her off. She reared back and slammed her right fist against his chest and followed with her left. Soon she was hitting him as fast as her hands could connect. The pain welled in her knuckles. His chest was like striking a brick wall. Furthermore, he seemed unaffected, and never winced. He finally captured her flaying arms and pulled her roughly to his chest. Her breaths came out fast and ragged. Fury at her captor had her seeing white, but her strength was no match. She kicked his shins and he gripped her tighter. She could feel his rigid cocks against her belly and a shiver ran down her spine.
“Your anger only heightens your desire for me. The air is thick with your arousal,” he said in a deep tone and inhaled through his nose. His eyes changed from yellow to deep orange. “Why must you fight what you feel?”
She would have said what was on her mind, but she had no way to since the asshole had taken that from her. She hated to be at a disadvantage and used her last weapon, pulling her knee back, and thrust it up.
He let out a vicious growl and Meredith’s fear rose. His mouth came down on hers hard and his tongue shoved between her lips. She whimpered in protest and thrashed in his hold. He broke away and stared at her.
“Everything you do only excites a Kunach male,” he said with a growl and kissed her roughly again.
She was powerless against him. Fear, anger, and pleasure entwined together, becoming a force so strong she had no will to rebel against it. He was right; she desired him, and as furious as that made her, she could no longer hold back.
With a soft moan she relaxed against him and slipped her tongue into his mouth, reveling in the taste of him. His arms encircled her waist and he lifted her off the ground. He carried her to the desk and sat down with her, laying back while effortlessly picking her up by the hips and positioning her pussy over his mouth.
“Oh!” she squealed when his tongue slid between her nether lips. A gentle buzz erupted, tingling every inch of her pussy as he lapped between her folds and sucked her clit.
She rose up on her knees and rocked over his mouth, hands grasping her breasts, fingertips teasing her nipples. He guided her, holding firmly to her hips, encouraging her to move. Together they found a rhythm and Meredith trembled as her desire continued to build.
Needing this and more, Meredith rocked harder, faster, putting more pressure on his mouth and the part she required the most friction. He growled with approval and thrust his tongue deep inside her, bringing forth her first orgasm.
Meredith cried out and stilled, body quaking in his hold. She stared up at the metallic ceiling, mind drunken and skin tingling from head to toe. Slowly he retracted his tongue and caressed every inch of her pussy.
Dazed yet coherent, Meredith inched down his body, dragging her dripping cunt over his chest. She stared into his wild orange eyes, unable to believe what she was seeing, but more attracted to him than any man she’d ever encountered before. Not that he was a man by human standards, but he was male; every single inch of his muscled frame was undeniably male. “How do you do that to me?” she asked, never before experiencing such wild abandon, or desire for another.
A wicked grin stretched his lips. “Kunachian males are very sexual beings. First and foremost, we strive to please our females in every way before seeking our own pleasure.”
“Wow,” she whispered, wanting nothing more than to please him. Slowly she inched downward, kissing his chest, lower to his abdomen, and farther down to his enormous cock.
Siv smiled down at her, his head lifted so that he could watch. “Suck it, Meredith.”
Not one to engage in such behavior or one with much practice, she wanted to, more now than ever. She grasped his cock, marveling at how big it was, unable to believe she had taken the length of him inside her. On the tip, a shiny lavender-colored substance dribbled from the tip. Flicking over it with the tip of her tongue, she was surprised how it tasted. A spice? She hummed, overwhelmed by how it filled her senses. Cinnamon, she decided, and licked the tip again and again.
Before long, her desire elevated, and soon she sucked every inch of his cock into her mouth she could handle. Overcome with need, she bobbed up and down, sucking harder, faster, the essence of him delighting her taste buds and libido.
His smaller cock hung, not erect, and it confused her. Hand following her mouth to the tip, she stopped and glanced up at him. “Shall I suck the other one?”
“No,” he replied and smiled at her with amusement. “That one is simply for your pleasure.”
“Just for me?” she asked and reached down to stroke it. In seconds it became hard and erect, but wasn’t nearly as long.
“Mmm,” Siv groaned and his eyes closed. “So much I want to teach you. So many ways I want to take you.”
Her mind whirred with delicious images. Wanting him to show her, she sucked his cock back into her mouth and hummed down the length of him while stroking his extra cock. All she needed or wanted was to please him the same way he pleased her. Using every ounce of energy she could muster, she sucked him harder and faster, panting as she bobbed up and down the length of him.
When he growled and grabbed her, yanking her up on his chest, she realized she must have accomplished what she intended or pissed him off, because his eyes were now bright red. “I’m sorry!” She hurried to apologize, unsure what she had done wrong.
“Oh, you did nothing wrong, Meredith,” he whispered in a low growl. “Quite opposite.”  He clutched her swollen pussy in his hand and rubbed between her slit.
“Yeah,” she moaned and arched her back, seeking more stimulation.
“To suck a Kunach male’s cock is to humble one’s self to his authority. You, tiny human, have submitted yourself to me, accepting me as your mate.”
He thrust his finger inside her and rubbed her puckered hole with his thumb. Meredith cried out and pushed against his hand, loving how he made her feel, and the way he caused her mind to drift into a sexually crazed state. “Tell me more,” she whispered, pushing her hips back into his hand.
Lowering her over his cock, Siv removed his finger and surged up inside her soaking pussy. Meredith screamed out his name and clutched his chest, eyes closing while reveling in the intense feel of him stretching her.
Holding her by her hips, he positioned her at the tip of his cock. His hips thrust up hard and fast, taking her breath away. “To complete the mating—” he continued and eased back, only to thrust inside her again. “—we would fuck, as humans would say, until exhaustion.”
“Oh, god!” Meredith wailed as her orgasm came, striking her as quick as lightning in a thunderstorm. Her body convulsed as waves of exhilaration spread out, touching every inch of her body.
Siv gently stroked her clit with his thumb, offering a chuckle in a tone that only added to the euphoria she was experiencing.
“What next?” she breathlessly asked, mind swimming in a colorful lake with shifting colors.
He pulled her lips to his and stared into her eyes. “I would accept you as my mate,” he growled and gently bit her bottom lip and let go. “We would share our blood and become one life. I would then produce seed and infuse you with my life force while impregnating you with my offspring.”
Meredith hummed, his words a salve to her battered soul, wanting nothing more than to experience a complete mating with him. Wanting nothing more than to feel cherished by another in such a complete and profound way. Her eyes welled up with tears, knowing what he spoke of was an event she could only dream of and nothing more.
“Meredith,” he whispered against her lips. “If I could claim you as my own at this very moment, I would. Believe me, nothing would give me more pleasure.”
“But, why?”
“There is so much we do not understand. My blood and my seed would end your life in seconds. All we can do is enjoy this time we have. One day, Meredith, I will make you mine.”
His words warmed her heart and spurred her libido. She rose up and impaled herself on his cock. Emotions ran wild as need and want warred. Her body wanted him, craved him, but her mind needed him, and the bond he spoke of.
One day.
Siv rose up and turned her over, looming above her. He stared down at her as he pumped inch after inch of his cock inside her. “Mine,” he growled and cradled her head with his arm, his opposite hand grasping her leg and opening her wide.
Clutching his chest, Meredith cried out, reveling in his rough and demanding nature. She reached down, seeking to feel his thick cock enter her. So big, but her body accepted every inch of him.
“Make no mistake, I will return for you,” he whispered in a raspy tone, and fucked her harder, eyes boring into hers with fierce determination.

“Siv!” Meredith cried out and her eyes rolled back, body shaking as another orgasm hit her. She sighed as flashes of light erupted and then nothing but darkness.

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