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Sci- Fi Sunday - A New World Order - Chapter 1

Welcome sci-fi and post apocalyptic lovers!

To tell you a little about me, I generally write westerns and gay romance. But...I really enjoy sci-fi and post-apocalyptic tales as well. What I enjoy most is the world building. I like making my own rules and using my imagination, both of which come in handy in these genres. I also include a lot of erotic scenes...just a warning. 

My first published work came out in 2012 and there is much more to come. 

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I'm sharing chapter 1 of a New World Order. Enjoy!

New World Order Base - City of Triumph - Southwest Hemisphere - Year: 2568
It was pre-dawn and the sun was beginning to break over the mountains toward the east. One thousand feet above the world, Lieutenant Keira Alvarado was leading her squadron to the inner bay. Radiant orange rays shone, peeking through the enormous steel hatch doors as they began to open. Sleek black jets shimmered in the light, awaiting their pilots.
Warm morning air from a gentle breeze caressed Keira’s face. The sound of boots clunking against the flight deck echoed with perfect cadence, thrumming her soul with purpose and drive. Vibrations from her feet hitting the steel structure below moved up her legs to her knees, settling in her stomach as adrenaline spread out, gearing her up for the day to come.
“Squadron halt!” she commanded firmly, stopping the ranks immediately. Order was the only way to combat and control the masses. It began there at the New World Order base, Triumph City, in the Southwest Hemisphere (NWOSW). 
Keira pivoted on her feet, turning one hundred eighty degrees with perfect precision to face those under her command. Being a lieutenant above a talented fleet of fifty of the best pilots, weapon systems techs, and jet propulsion mechanics in the hemisphere made her heart swell with pride. She looked among their faces, stoic and battle ready, day or night. Fear didn’t have a place in her squadron.
“At ease!”
At her direction, the unit moved in unison and sidestepped with their right feet, hands immediately clasping together behind their backs. Keira turned and took her position in wait. Updates on a minor uprising occurring came in a newsfeed via her tactical glasses. She scanned the transparent video feed as it appeared before her eyes. Controlling the device with her eye movements, she sent the feed to her squadron.
Fires blazed yet again in the southern part of the NWOSW, an area that had still never fully recovered after the Apocalyptic War of 2540, more than thirty years previous. Crumbling buildings and shanty towns made up a vast part of the region. It was also the most difficult area to rein in the populous and establish law and order. Keira knew nothing would change until the Civil Ordinance Laws were fully enforced. Businesses could not thrive, agricultural developments to feed the population, and peace would never prosper in such a lawless state.
The Patriot Brotherhood, known simply as patriots, controlling the area fought against the NWO with every ounce of energy they could muster. They viewed the NWO as nothing more than a new government entity, working to control them. The brotherhood was nothing more to the NWO than a worthless band of traitors to the cause.
With the breakup of individual governments of countries worldwide after the Apocalyptic War and following the Civil Wars of 2550, the NWO was the only type of governing body charged with law and order. Something had to give if the world ever wanted to see peace and rebuilding efforts worldwide.
In the Southeast Hemisphere (NWOSE), the progress had surpassed the Southwest by more than ten years, more likely twenty. The most ravaged hemispheres were the Northwest and Northeast. What was once North America and Asia had suffered the greatest throughout the wars. Little was left of once mighty empires. The former continent of Australia had suffered the least, and was now the hub of the NWO. A grand city arose there, bigger than ever before, and became the capital of the world.
Outside of the capital, especially in the NWOSW, years of rebuilding would be required to function properly. No matter what type of goodwill efforts were made in NWOSW, the patriots had a strong hold in far-off desolate areas. In their ignorance, many died daily from lack of food and water. Where opportunities arose to supply the most devastated regions, the NWO was there, taking in medical staff, nourishing rations, and clean water to the masses. Small outlying villages cheered upon their arrival. Why couldn’t everyone see the NWO efforts were for the good of the people?
Keira asked herself that question daily. Witnessing the devastating effects of a region without order is what kept her committed to the cause. Seven years as a pilot, her dedicated service had earned her rank and also her lieutenant’s status the previous year. Rumors in the NWO pointed to her father, a general by rank, and the commanding officer for the NWOSW for her position, and it angered her. She knew she was not only a damn good pilot, but one of the best. The naysayers could pucker up and kiss her ass as far as she was concerned.
“Officer on deck!”
Heels clicked together, the noise echoed off the metal walls as the members of the unit came to order behind her. Keira straightened her posture and lifted her chin. Her left hand slapped the side of her leg. Her right hand snapped up sharply, fingertips rigid, hovering above her right eye. The thuds of footsteps coming their way grew louder from the west corridor. Fourteen feet, seven men. Why Keira could discern such information was anyone’s guess. She figured it was the soldier in her soul. Who in the hell was coming? The CO’s usual entourage included his top advisor, Gymon Evans; Tactical Security Specialist, Morgan Whitby; Triumph Secretary, Jonah Delecort; her brother, Axton Alvarado, charged with strategic planning; and her eldest brother, Thorn Alvarado, Triumph’s lieutenant CO.
As they approached Keira’s waiting unit she could see the usual suspects. Her father led with Thorn to his left and Gymon on his right. Behind them the rest followed with two extra men at the rear. More than likely visitors from the NWOSE, she figured, extra intelligence, who knew? She fought the urge to roll her eyes. There was always someone who came to visit who thought they knew the best way to handle the situation in the NWOSW.
“At ease!” Her father’s deep baritone voice carried loudly throughout the flight deck. He was a man that earned respect. His graying hair and aging face gave him a distinguished look. Even in his advanced age, men didn’t trifle with him. They knew better. At nearly six foot five inches, he covered every inch of ground he walked on, and more.
When on duty, Keira’s father was her CO and nothing more, their father-daughter relationship nonexistent, much like complete peace in their region. She respected him and served him well. She obeyed orders and took her responsibility to the NWO seriously. Off duty was another story completely. While her father was stern and direct with her, he was also a teddy bear when need be. Lately, those times had been rare.
Her father chewed his lip with irritation. “As you can see, the patriots have attacked again. The skirmish is relatively small, but we need to deal with it before their movements grow. Do not believe for a moment the patriots are unorganized. This significant event should serve as a warning of the intellect at work. The attacks came to an area we had cleared and began rebuilding efforts in. This is a show of power and resilience,” he said and chewed his lip with irritation. Her father was much like her, wanting nothing more than to see their once beautiful and peaceful region restored.
Keira’s eldest brother, Thorn, stepped forward and cleared his throat. He utilized the NWO’s tactical image generator with a wave of his hand. A large map of the Southwest Hemisphere materialized before them. Through the semi-transparent image, Keira fought to get a glimpse of the yet-to-be-introduced men.
“The group is small.” Thorn enlarged the area of the map and brought up a string of images of men firing at NWO vehicles. “This is Enzo Quinion.” Thorn further enlarged the man’s image while coverage of the skirmish continued in the background. “He leads the northwest band of patriots.” He paused and moved Enzo’s image aside, bringing up another image of a man. “His counterpart in the central region is this man, Phillipe Melendez, aka The Widow. Melendez was spotted by ground forces two days ago in the area. Rumors suggest they report to a higher authority, someone they only call Madman. At this time we have no idea of his true identity.”
Thorn’s tone wavered a bit. Most wouldn’t catch it, but Keira did. It was a tone of uneasiness, like something much bigger was afoot. Only four years older her elder, Thorn and Keira were very close, but their allegiance to the NWO harbored secrets. She knew it was for the benefit for all, but at times the secrecy bothered her. She could only trust and believe those higher in command did so for very good reasons.
Morgan Whitby walked up and took control of the visual, moving the map away, bringing up a list of known explosive chemicals used in weapons throughout history. Keira fought to keep her brows from furrowing together in question. Why the ancient munitions history lesson? “As you can see, this is a list of long-ago chemicals used in munitions.”
Morgan himself was near her age, around twenty-eight. When he first came to Triumph four years previously, they'd had quite an extensive fling. It was fun while it lasted, but he tried to claim her under their Genetically Modified Exception status or GME. Men with GME status were given the right to choose any woman over the age of eighteen without permission. Keira hated GMEs the most. After Morgan and Gymon filed to claim her, she put Morgan in the infirmary for three days over the stunt. His nose was still a little crooked to this day.
'Married unit' had become the technical term of a marriage couple or a ménage trio. The Apocalyptic Wars had claimed the lives of nearly two-thirds of the world’s population over a decade of ruthless fighting, followed by the Civil Wars of 2550 that lasted until 2575. At one time the male to female ratio had been estimated at two to one. In order to repopulate the world with such an imbalance, the NWO enacted the Marriage Decree, with several sub-clauses below it, as one of the Civil Ordinance Laws. Under the Marriage Decree, men were required to file for the right to claim a wife. The NWO kept records of progress, thus the requirement to file, and then proof of a marriage ceremony afterward. Men who filed as a pair and successfully chose and took a wife would earn a hundred thousand units. The purpose was to level the imbalance of men to women, and more importantly, repopulate Earth. The problem with the law was of course women were at the mercy of men without say so if they failed to choose on their own before their 25th birthday. Divorce became a word in history and was no longer used. When individuals were united together in a married unit, they were expected to spend their rest of their lives together. In only rare cases had a woman been freed of her husband or husbands, and only when domestic abuse and the like was involved. Men found guilty of such offences would be punished. Depending on the degree of abuse, some men met their makers in front of a firing squad.
Morgan was still talking, but Keira was passively listening to him, catching the highlights and important details only. She caught herself mid eye roll and stopped. Morgan had a way of making a five-minute briefing last twenty. If her father caught the stunt, she’d receive one hell of a lecture later. Through the hazy image she caught two sets of eyes staring at her. She glared back and noticed one grin. She ground her teeth together. No doubt the pricks noticed her lack of a unity collar, the identifying and permanent designation of a married woman. They weren’t from the NWOSW base. The men there knew better.
Morgan continued to drone on. “While crude and scarce resources are available, the patriots are stockpiling what they can. Their munitions are not at all advanced, but they still kill. We see no major threat, but we want to take all precautions. Continue to monitor and subdue this situation.” Morgan looked her direction and held her captive for a moment before looking back to the visual. “Keep your eyes open out there and report back with any suspicious activities.”
“Yes, sir,” Keira replied quickly and averted her gaze. Morgan was staring at her again and making her uneasy.
“Darroch, Iverson,” Thorn called and motioned for the two men behind him to come forward. “Meet your new pilots, Theron Darroch and Kellan Iverson.”
Both men saluted Keira, staring straight forward with blank and respectful stares.
“I’ll leave you with Lieutenant Alavarado,” Thorn said and pivoted on his heels to rejoin the CO.
“At ease,” Keira directed. “Personnel records?” she asked and looked toward Morgan. As the tactical security specialist, he was in control and charged with responsibility of not only personnel records, but also the transport and acquisition of all weapons coming in or leaving the base.
“On your comm, Lieutenant,” Morgan said and held her gaze longer than necessary.
“Fall in,” Keira barked and suppressed a snarl. The one named Darroch was grinning at her again. Morgan staring at her was enough. She didn’t need any new entanglements, and especially not with those under her command. Why the guy kept smiling was indeed a mystery.
“That is all.” The CO spoke up and the squad moved to attention and saluted him. He returned their salute and turned to leave with his men following.
“Lieutenant,” Keira called and Thorn stopped. She hurried to catch up with him and led him away from her unit.
Thorn looked at his comm and sighed.
“Don’t act like you’re late for a meeting. And what the hell is this?” Keira growled in a whisper.
Thorn raised an innocent brow. “What are you talking about?”
“You know what I’m talking about. The new pilots. I told you we didn’t need any more pilots. What the hell am I supposed to do with these two clowns?” she asked, fully aware of many sets of eyes watching her, and more than likely trying to listen in.
Thorn grinned as if proud of himself. “I suggest you put them to work.”
“This is a waste of resources. Don’t you think we could use more men on the ground? Maybe send more supplies to those who need them?”
“Keira, you do your job well. I suggest you worry about yours and not mine,” Thorn suggested and exhaled as if bored.
“You’re hiding something from me. What is it?” she asked and squeezed his arm when he started to walk away.
Thorn glanced toward the exit as their CO and his entourage left. His blue eyes shifted back to her and he looked down at her hand that was still clutching his arm. 
“Thorn, you know how pissed I get when you hide information from me,” she prodded and squeezed tighter, letting him know she meant what she said.
Thorn groaned softly and leaned close to her ear. “I can’t tell you right now, but watch your ass.”
With that said, Thorn turned and swiftly walked away, leaving Keira with her mouth gaped open wide. She was thankful her back was to her squad so they couldn’t witness the spectacle. Watch my ass? An immediate sense of anger lit in her gut. First the new pilots, and now the secrecy. When her tour ended, she and Thorn would be having a long talk.
After gathering her bearings, Keira turned and rejoined her unit. “Fallout. Iverson, Darroch. Approach.”
The ranks dispersed and the two new pilots came forward. Darroch beamed as if amused and fought to wipe away the expression when Keira glared in return.
“Yes, Lieutenant.” Iverson spoke in a professional tone and waited. His lips showed nothing more than a business attitude, a respectful one, unlike the other.
Handsome, the man was quiet and reserved, tall and opposing, a voice deep and sexy, and the manners of a gentle giant. His black uniform stretched across his wide chest and around his powerful legs. Short dark hair, baby blue eyes, and firm lips. Gorgeous, Keira thought, and inwardly groaned. She’d have a heck of a time maintaining her authority over him.
She sighed and looked at her comm for their files. “I take it you two are experienced pilots?” she asked and began scrolling through his records.
“Yes, Lieutenant,” Iverson replied. “Ten years’ service to the NWO in the Northwest Hemisphere.”
Keira scanned over Iverson’s records, impressed, but wouldn’t dare let him know she thought so. She continued on and stopped on a disciplinary charge. “You, uh, have a flair for daring exploits, I see,” she asked and lifted her gaze to look him in the eyes. She didn’t tolerate antics while in uniform and especially while under her command.
Darroch chuckled. Iverson elbowed him in the ribs and turned to frown at him. Darroch coughed and resumed his posture, slightly smiling, and looked away.
“Lieutenant, I can assure you such nonsense will never happen again,” Iverson stated. His eyes were directed at her, glimmering with warmth, his tone honest and sincere.
“It better not,” Keira replied and veered her attention away, fearful of getting lost in his intense gaze. She moved onto Darroch’s records.
Oh, hell.
“Impressive, yes?” Darroch asked and wiggled a brow. His green eyes lit up, flashing mischief through the depths. He was built much like Iverson with stylish hair that was a little wild, sexy even. The big difference was in their personalities. They were as opposite as night and day.
Keira snorted. “No, not at all. In fact,” she said and paused as she scanned down, “if I had my way, your smiling ass would be headed back to the Northwest Hemisphere.”
“Theron, shut up,” Iverson whispered.
“I don’t put up with childish behavior in my ranks. I suggest you keep out of trouble here, or I’ll have you put on permanent duty in the wastelands.” Even as she said it, she knew that feat might be an impossible one to follow through with.
Darroch grinned and wet his lips. “Has anyone ever told you that you’re sexy as hell when you’re angry?”
“Pardon us, Lieutenant.” Iverson spoke up and grabbed Darroch by the arm and led him away a few feet.
Keira could hear Iverson whispering in an aggravated tone. She watched with interest, noting the tall and strong stature of him. Darroch was a handsome man, but too mouthy for her tastes. He had an air of conceit that hovered around him, a smug smile, and roguish eyes. He was going to be a lot of trouble and she knew it. Oh, how Thorn would be getting a big piece of her mind.
“I swear by all that is mighty in this universe, I will kick your ass to the wastelands myself if you don’t shut the fuck up,” Kell said in a no-nonsense tone.
“Damn, the lieutenant is so fucking hot. I’d love to—”
“Don’t go there.” Kell growled and thumped Theron on the chest. “Seriously, this is the last stop for us. That bullshit stunt you pulled brought us here. I don’t know about you, but all I’ve ever wanted was to be a pilot. We’re damn lucky to have retained our ranks.”
Theron sobered and wiped the goofy grin off his face. “You’re right. I’ll be on my best behavior.”
“You ladies about done?” called the lieutenant’s beautiful yet stern voice. Theron was right, she was hot, but that was the least of Kell’s worries at this point. Keeping his position as an NWO pilot was.
Kell took the lead and returned to face her. “I apologize, Lieutenant. You will have no trouble with us.” He expressed truthfulness, as well as a hint of embarrassment.
“We depart at O six hundred. You and clown boy can take the spare Avenger,” she said, pointing to a jet out on the tarmac.
Theron started to protest, stopping her dead in her tracks. She turned with a raised brow. “Is there a problem, Darroch?”
Kell interrupted. “Nope.”
She nodded and studied him for a brief second before turning on her heels and swiftly walking away.
“Oh, honey. Did you see that?” Theron asked.
“All I can see is you making an ass out of yourself,” Kell replied and began to follow when Theron grabbed his arm and stopped him.
“You didn’t notice, did you?” Theron asked.
Kell sighed. Theron was like a kid brother. He swallowed hard and squeezed his eyes shut, hating the thought. His own younger brother, his only brother, had been killed during a routine exercise during training. That was ten years ago when Kell was just finishing his training. Theron was there for him and helped him through the toughest of times.
“She isn’t married,” Theron said with excitement in his tone. He jabbed Kell in the side. “She’s perfect.”
“Listen, hard dick, we can’t afford to screw this up.” As soon as Kell said it he knew he was intrigued, but needed to keep Theron on the straight and narrow for a while. Likely, Theron was too busy looking at her breasts to begin with. How Theron noticed the lack of a unity collar was anyone’s guess. Kell for one didn’t see it. Maybe it was wishful thinking on Theron’s part and nothing more. A woman such as Lieutenant Alavardo would surely have caught someone’s eye by now.
“I’ll tell ya what I’d like to screw,” Theron said and grinned like a kid on his first trip to space.
“Knock it off. We have a job to do.” Kell’s frustration grew and he jerked Theron to follow.
Not long after they took to the sky, Theron was jabbering in his ear. Kell tried to ignore him, instead taking in the landscape below. The Southwest Hemisphere was extremely different from the North where they were stationed. Instead of seeing a cityscape below with bustling traffic, his eyes were greeted with a desert landscape. Sparse towns dotted the earth below, shanty towns really. Devastation from the Apocalyptic and Civil Wars were still evident in many areas outside of Triumph.
The fringes of society clung here and there along the landscape. A small city center was located inland with small buildings, homes, and the evidence of humanity's drive to overcome shown in the progress of their efforts.
“That is Vida below.” The lieutenant’s voice echoed in his ear. “Once upon a time it was a grand city, of course, before the wars.”
Kell silently nodded to himself. It seemed fitting to name the town Life. No longer was the place a magnificent city. Evidence of its former size lay in crumpled heaps in the distance. The place was a work in progress, a mere fraction of the size of its apparent former glory.
“Vida is relatively peaceful. The NWO has made great efforts there. The people are loyal with a renewed outlook.” Her voice came again. Something about her tone made him see a softer side of her personality.
“Don’t you love listening to her voice? Damn, I’m hard just imagining her lips—”
“Theron, I swear, you’re the horniest asshole I’ve ever been around,” Kell interrupted before he could finish his sentence. He too had a weakness for perfectly shaped lips. The reminder that such beauty was flying a thousand feet ahead did nothing for the dull ache between his legs. 
“Ah, come on!” Theron blasted out. “You’ve been too fucking uptight lately.”
“Let’s see, Theron, I wonder why? Could it be that we lost our damn positions in the Northwest Hemisphere because of your bullshit? Now we’re fucking newbies in the Southwest Hemisphere and damn lucky to still have a job.”
“Drama, drama.” Theron groaned. “I don’t know what the big deal was. Geesh.”
“Big deal? Are you kidding me?” Kell asked and sort of wished they were on the ground so he could properly choke him.
“Hey, you should thank me. My stunt got us both laid,” Theron said with pride in his tone, somehow missing the bigger picture of life and reality.
Kell snorted and stared ahead with disbelief. “I hardly believe getting laid was worth our livelihoods.”
“Hey, I don’t know about you, but I’d like to have a wife. We waited and saved all these years for the perfect woman. Taking one as a pair will ensure we will want for nothing with that big award we’ll receive for doing so. Damn straight I’m looking, and I thought she was the one.”
“Why, because she had nice breasts and a killer ass? I don’t know about you, but I’d like to have a woman with a brain as well,” Kell said. Beauty only went so far. A perfect woman for them would need to be intelligent, witty, and she would most definitely require a great sense of humor to put up with Theron.

“Look no further, my friend. She’s piloting that Orion ahead of us.”

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